Dentistry in the digital age

Pradeep Sharma of Lister House Dental answers not only our questions about what makes Doctify special, but also what matters to him as a practising dentist in this day and age.

We here at Doctify could spend all day telling you exactly why our platform is the right choice for you. Instead, we’ve decided to let one of our dentists speak for us.

What has been the biggest change in the way you attract patients in the last five years?

I have been practising as a dentist in central London for over 20 years. In the last two decades, my patient base has continued to grow due to ‘word of mouth’ referrals. Indeed the highest compliment one can receive is the referral by an existing patient to their family and friends. This remains the most common manner in which our practice attracts new patients and we are perhaps slightly unique in this regard. I have not needed to advertise our dental services.

Other than this, in the past two years, the dental team has created a twitter feed, @teeth_straight, which has generated a lot of interest and has led to increasing our current patient base. Finally, last autumn we set ourselves up with Doctify and have continued to see patients through this portal.

How important is having a website and an online presence as a dentist?

In today’s largely technologically-driven society, an online presence is of paramount importance as it provides the world with a window to your dental practice and services. It allows potential patients to reflect and consider if your dental practice will be able to meet their expectations. Your website is the first place patients can ‘meet you’.

What are your most popular treatments?

We offer a full range of dental treatments including cosmetic treatments, such as smile makeovers including Invisalign and restorative work.

The most popular treatments at Lister House Dental Clinic are cosmetic. We pride ourselves on being able to clinically and artistically create the smile of your dreams leading to an aesthetically pleasing smile and often yielding noticeable oral health benefits.

Which treatments would you like more patients to book?

It truly is not what we want patients to book more of but rather to be able to provide bespoke clinical dental treatment in the patient’s best interest. We want to let them know all their options so they can make an informed choice. The importance of dental examinations, for instance, cannot be undervalued as it is the exam and consultation that forms the foundation of a personalised treatment and oral health maintenance plan.

Have you found having online reviews helpful?

To a certain extent online reviews are rather similar to ‘word of mouth’ referrals. except a patient’s views are not only shared with their social network but moves well beyond that. They create a platform for the world to fully assess all aspects of our service.

Do you respond to your reviews?

All reviews are responded to in a timely and personalised manner. It is important to express gratitude for someone taking the time from their busy life to write about your dental care. It is not only courteous but allows you to stay engaged with your patients.

How have you found your journey with Doctify so far?

Doctify creates an exceptional and user-friendly platform to promote your services to patients. The team at Doctify has been incredibly supportive throughout.

Would you recommend Doctify to a colleague and why?

I would wholeheartedly recommend Doctify to my colleagues. It is a brilliant way to introduce your range of dental services to potential patients.

Doctify is committed to helping dentists improve their online reputation, build confidence in their practice and allow patients to find and book with it as easily as possible. Visit its website or email at [email protected] to find out more.

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