Dental patients’ satisfaction remains ‘very high’

patient satisfactionSatisfaction amongst dental patients remains ‘very high’, according to the latest GDC Patient and Public Survey.

For those patients that visit the dentist at least once a year, 97% were satisfied and 67% were very satisfied, an increase of 6% over the last five years.

Despite many being satisfied, the survey found that the most likely people to be dissatisfied were those aged 25-34 and the over 65s.

‘The results of our research are incredibly useful in helping to better understand public views, particularly in relation to those within different demographics,’ Guy Rubin, research manager at the GDC, said.

‘The data also shows wide variances in perceptions of importance of misconduct in professionals’ private lives, which is very relevant to our ongoing work to better define “seriousness” as a concept.’

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Around seven in 10 people (69%) visit the dentist every year, dropping significantly for people from lower socio economic backgrounds.

The survey also looked into views about the importance of a dental professionals’ behaviour in personal time.

Almost half (46%) of respondents felt that a dentist should be removed from the register for posting racist comments on Facebook.

‘As with any person in a professional role that you place trust in, they are there to treat you and are unable to do that objectively if they are discriminative against certain groups,’ one participant said.

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