Dental students’ selfie with severed heads ‘inexcusable’

dental studentsGraduate dental students and an assistant professor have been caught taking a ‘disturbing’ and ‘inexcusable’ selfie with severed heads.

The image, which was taken at the Yale School of Medicine in June 2017, included several graduate students wearing surgical masks with two severed heads on tables with their faces up.

The assistant professor in the photo has been identified as Dr Falvio Uribe, an assistant professor and orthodontics program director at the University of Connecticut Health Center.

‘Somebody unfortunately took a photo,’ Uribe said to The Guardian.

‘It was so quick.

‘I wasn’t sure of the surroundings or scenery at that point.’

Selfie ‘inexcusable’

Officials from both Yale and and UConn Health claim steps have been taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

A Yale spokesperson said that there was clear signage forbidding photography before students entered the laboratory, and that the School of Medicine took the matter very seriously.

‘The photograph taken at a symposium at Yale was disturbing and an inexcusable deviation from anything Yale would expect to occur,’ Thomas Conroy, a Yale spokesperson, said.

‘The faculty member who was involved in the training at which the photograph was taken has been informed of Yale’s expectations in this regard.’

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