The Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry is inviting referrals

The Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry invites referrals from colleagues for all aspects of restorative dentistry, implant dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, periodontics, mucogingival issues, adult orthodontics and endodontics.

  • All dental implant treatments
  • Complex implant or restorative treatments in the aesthetic zone
  • Treatment of failing or failed implants
  • Treatment of aesthetic failures, gingival recession and bone loss on implants and teeth
  • Advanced restorative treatments and complex crown and bridge
  • Periodontal treatments, advanced periodontal and perio-restorative cases
  • Soft/hard tissue grafting and augmentation
  • Mucogingival surgery
  • Treatment of the worn, eroded or broken down dentition
  • All multi-discipline and advanced or complex cases
  • All complex or challenging cases
  • Endodontic and microsurgical endodontics.

Dr Tidu Mankoo and the team are dedicated to helping you and your patients achieve optimum and long-lasting results such as those shown below.

Advanced and complex rehabilitation of 38-year-old patient with advanced periodontitis
Same patient after 10 years follow up

State-of-the-art practice

Dr Tidu Mankoo explains that dentists choose ‘Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry’ as a referral practice for patient treatment because of their well-known excellence and expertise. Dr Mankoo has built a reputation as one of the finest clinicians in Europe and a world leader in aesthetic, restorative and implant dentistry, with over 30 years of experience. The practice is a ‘high end’ private dental practice internationally renowned for its expertise and experience in many areas of dentistry. The key feature of the practice is the team approach – a hand-picked group of experts who work together as an interdisciplinary team to achieve the optimum outcomes for patients.

1. Why should a dentist choose you as a referral practice?

We are a practice which offers a very high level of experience and expertise. We welcome referrals and are delighted to work closely with our referring dentists. Whether a single tooth restoration or a complex rehabilitation you can be certain that we strive to do the best for your patient.

Our total commitment to excellence in dentistry, providing the very best that dentistry has to offer, ensures that patients receive treatment at the very highest level.

2. What specialisms do you cover?

All our treatments are offered under one roof and we welcome referrals from colleagues for all aspects of restorative dentistry, implant dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, periodontics, mucogingival surgery, bone augmentation, orthodontics, endodontics and complex inter-disciplinary cases.

3. How will the practice know that they are going to get the patient back?

We are happy to carry out the surgical phase of treatment for those dentists wishing to perform the prosthetic part of implant restorations and will work with you to ensure great results. However, in difficult complex cases we would prefer to maintain the control and responsibility for all aspects of the treatment.

If the patient is referred for single tooth or non-extensive treatment we will of course return the patient to the referring dentist for regular care. In some cases, such as implant cases, we like to review the patients annually to check that everything is stable.

We offer regular communication with the dentist from the point of referral, treatment plan and completion of treatment keeping them updated on treatment completion and what has been performed.

4. Do you have a treatment coordinator to help pilot the patient through the practice?

The dentists and team in the practice work together to take the patients through the referral and treatment process.

5. What investment have you made in equipment and facilities?

Needless to say, the practice is equipped with state of the art dental units and equipment. We have central sterilisation/decontamination, a dedicated X-Ray room and comprehensive facilities (including a cone beam CT scanner, lateral ceph and OPG) that enable us to take care of all the diagnostic and treatment planning needs of our patients. In addition we have, surgical /endodontic microscopes, high magnification loupes, dental lasers, intravenous sedation, all to help us to carry out our treatments more effectively and gently.

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