Dental practice starts accepting cryptocurrency, Dentacoin

dentacoinA dental clinic in Taiwan has started accepting the cryptocurrency, Dentacoin as a form of payment.

The practice, called Mr Iteeth, now becomes the fourth clinic to start accepting Dentacoin, with other practices including F3T Dental Clinic (United Kingdom), Swiss Dentaprime (Bulgaria) and Dentech Dental Care (India).

Tung Hao Lin, practice principal, claims he made the decision because he ‘believes in the future of Dentacoin’.

‘I read about Dentacoin and I was fascinated by the concept,’ he said.

‘[…] I believe in the future potential of Dentacoin and I hope that some day soon, not only my patients will use DCN as a means of payment, but I will also be able to purchase dental materials and equipment.’


Dentacoin claims to target specific problems in the dental industry and offers concrete solutions to these problems.

The mission of the Dentacoin Foundation it claims is to improve dental health through bringing blockchain efficiencies into the industry and to provide equal access to high quality dental care to all individuals, despite their income.

A cornerstone of the Dentacoin concept is the Dentacoin Assurance, insurance-like model, which will be introduced in 2018.


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