Is dentistry linked to our emotions?

Dorte Bredgaard responds to Neel Kothari’s blog questioning her alternative dental treatment methods.

I have known for years that some day I’d have to face these reactions from dentists and at first I was terrified.

I could have chosen never to go through with it.

Why does anybody want to put themselves at stake like this?


Already in my first years as a dentist I had questions that science couldn’t provide the answer for.

Why do people who don’t eat sugar still get caries? How could I explain the location of decay?

It sometimes appears in teeth that are easy to brush, sometimes only in the upper jaw sometimes only on the left side.

How can periodontal diseases hit only a single tooth? Why not the one next to it?

When I had been a dentist for 10 years I suddenly had two cavities myself without having changed my habits.

I knew then that I had to find answers to my questions so I started to ask my patients about their lives and a pattern quickly emerged.

I soon discovered that they were influenced by emotions and of course we are influenced by our emotions.

That science has separated body and mind is a huge misunderstanding, in my view.


Today I know that most dental diseases are caused by unexpressed emotions.

I have seen these diseases heal spontaneously when the emotions were addressed.

You can call me all sorts of names but it won’t change my perception of things.

And next time you find yourself unable to answer a question you may hate me even more – what if I’m right?

I know that is a fearful thought.

You don’t have to take my word for it, you can even prove me wrong.

Or you can put this behind you and continue your life – that’s your choice.

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