New elevator for periodontal ligaments now available in the UK

Directa AB has announced the new Luxator Forte F32C Elevator is now available in the UK. The Luxator Forte Elevator differs from Luxator Periotomes with its black handle, making it easily recognisable.

Initiated from dentists

The stainless steel blade is thicker and has a slightly different design of the tip, allowing it to be used for elevation of the tooth, after cutting of the periodontal ligaments with a Luxator Periotome has been performed. The instruments stays the same.

The development of the Luxator Forte F32C initiated from dentists desires of using a slightly curved instruments for their elevation.

The curved blade will increase choice and improve accessibility for controlled and safer tooth elevation.

Contact the local dealer for more information and to order Luxator Forte F32C. Find more product information, visit

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