Survey launched asking for your thoughts on NHS dentistry

nhs dentistryPractice Plan has announced the launch of its fifth NHS Confidence Monitor, to survey the profession’s attitudes to NHS dentistry.

It has announced a change in this NHS Confidence Monitor, including a shift to understanding dental professional’s experiences working with the NHS, along with monitoring confidence and happiness levels within dentistry.

‘It’s time for us to build on the insight we have gained so far from past results and we now want to focus on the decision makers; those who are currently working within the NHS or have previously converted and have experience of NHS dentistry,’ Nigel Jones, Practice Plan’s sales and marketing director, said.

‘With the help of these dental professionals, our goal is to discover their happiness and confidence levels, as well as to gain a deeper understanding of what it’s like to work in NHS dentistry, both now and with a view to the future.

‘Dentists and practice owners have valuable information to share, and that’s where Practice Plan’s Confidence Monitor comes in.

‘We will gather the data, evaluate it and then share the findings, in order to continue supporting the dental profession in these challenging times.’

NHS Confidence Monitor

The NHS Confidence Monitor is available to fill in now by visiting

The monitor will take approximately three minutes to fill in and will gather information on areas such as each participant’s work/life balance, how comfortable they are that they can provide the appropriate level of care for patients and the challenges posed by managing patient expectations.

‘I think that the lead up to a revised contract has been so long and drawn out that there has been a pervasive concern that things aren’t going to change in the near future, and therefore people have not been thinking about how they might influence change,’ Eddie Crouch, dentist and vice chair of the British Dental Association Principal Executive Committee, said.

‘But I believe the dental profession needs to vocalise their concerns about NHS dentistry both now and for the future, to try to affect any changes in the pipeline in a positive way.

‘This survey offers the perfect opportunity to do just that – make sure your voice is heard!’

For detailed results from the last four surveys, visit

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