Invisible orthodontics – the right choice

MTM_Upper_TypoThe Orthodontic Company considers the options for orthodontic treatment.

Adult patients today are looking for a highly aesthetic treatment that won’t affect their looks while delivering great results in a short period of time. This could take the form of a clear aligner, a clear brace or even a lingual brace worn on the inside of the teeth. Let’s consider the options:

Which aligner system shall I use?

The demand from patients for clear aligners has led to an increasing array of systems being offered, so how do you make the right choice on which one to go with? There are a number of important questions to consider:

How aesthetic are they? How transparent is the material used? Are attachments or accessories needed as part of the treatment? Is there one fixed price per patient? Does the lab fee include a refinement if it’s needed? How reliable is the system? Is it from a reputable supplier? How proven is the system? How precise is the treatment? How are they made? Do they use 3D digital technology and can I approve the set up online?

The new Ideal Smile Aligner from Dentsply GAC is a truly aesthetic system using exceptionally transparent and high quality plastic, with no elastics or attachments needed which improves comfort for your patient and also saves you time.

Available for simple cosmetic corrections Ideal Smile Aligner is based on the clinically proven ‘points of force’ application (from the Sheridan Technique) providing efficient treatment for your patient. It features an online prescription platform with proprietary digital modelling, a 3D set up and full laboratory service. Single arch treatment is available and with one fixed price per patient there are no nasty surprises. A complete solution dedicated to your treatment success.

Ideal_Smile_Aligner2Clear braces

Many short term ortho (STO) systems are available on the market that offer aesthetic brackets – an apparently low cost system may initially be attractive but are you confident you are providing your patients with the best possible options for the treatment they are seeking? Consider the quality of materials provided, where are the materials being shipped from, what are the shipping charges and how long will this take?

You may be able to provide a swifter service for your patients, use higher quality products that may be more aesthetically pleasing; but are also likely to offer more efficiency and fewer deficiencies during treatment. Take a look at the new Aesthetic Orthodontics brochure from The Orthodontic Company (TOC) which includes a full range of clear braces along with tooth coloured wires, clear elastic ties and accessories which are necessary in order to provide a complete aesthetic treatment.

Lingual braces

For those practitioners well experienced in fixed appliances, a simple lingual system may be an attractive option. The popular MTM (Minor Tooth Movement) No Trace system is a viable alternative to aligners for quick cosmetic correction enabling minor misalignments to be corrected with minimal chair time.

Employing extremely small, easy to bond, self-ligating lingual brackets the MTM No Trace system can be applied to the lingual surface of 6 upper and 6 lower anterior teeth in just 30 minutes, including wire placement. Alternatively indirect bonding may be used if preferred and various orthodontic laboratories offer this service.

For most cases, treatment can be completed in as little as 12-24 weeks; and with only one arch wire change. The MTM No Trace system is easy to learn, produces superior results and is an excellent practice building tool. MTM No Trace offers a low cost alternative to customised lingual appliances and is perfect for patients who desire fast results with a virtually invisible appliance.

You can learn all about MTM No Trace in a one day hands-on course scheduled for Saturday 12 November 2016 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, close to the NEC.


Course details and information on aesthetic products are available from TOC on 0117 975 5533, email [email protected] or alternatively visit

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