Reduce gum irritation for denture wearers

man putting in denturesResults have shown Poligrip denture fixatives have the ability to seal out food particles helping to reduce gum irritation and lead to increased levels of confidence, comfort and chewing efficiency.

Up to 86% of patients are affected by food becoming trapped under their dentures. This can lead to discomfort and can cause bad breath. Complete the module through the website below and earn up to 1.5 hours towards verifiable CPD.

The Poligrip range of fixatives includes:

– Poligrip Flavour Free Fixative Cream
– Poligrip Ultra Denture Fixative Cream.

Both Poligrip fixatives provide all day hold, helping to seal out any irritating food particles. Recommend Poligrip fixatives to patients with dentures to help them eat, speak and smile with confidence.

For further information on dentures and the Poligrip range, why not complete the Poligrip distance learner.
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