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AAAAUnigloves Vitality TealUnigloves understands a clinician’s hands are their most useful tool and should be cared for and protected properly. As a leading manufacturer of hand-crafted gloves, Unigloves has perfected the production process over a period of 30 years.

In addition to conventional automated manufacturing, Vitality gloves are also subject to an enhanced manual process and it is this hand-crafted component that is fundamental to creating an exceptionally clean, soft and low-allergy glove. This additional process ensures exceptional quality and optimum care.

The Vitality range includes powder-free, medical grade gloves, which are produced using a series of extended chlorine baths and manual washes. These reduce the residual latex proteins and chemicals responsible for allergies to a level that is no longer measureable.

The gloves have double chlorinated beaded cuffs to make them easy to don and doff and benefit from a carefully formulated Lano-e coating to help moisturise the skin.

During manufacturing, the gloves are inverted by hand ensuring that both the interior and exterior benefit equally from the additional washing.

They are then individually inspected on a light table before being hand packed ready for shipping.

For more information, visit www.unigloves.co.uk.

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