Pre-launch offer on new dental flosser

There are pre-launch discounts of up to 33% off on Flossio, a new dental flosser.

Flossio claims to be the only disposable dental flosser that can floss the whole mouth with clean floss, thanks to its patented design.

How it works

It consists of two rings that hold a loop of floss. The rings are placed on the middle fingers and the floss is stretched by the index fingers or thumbs. Crucially, the loop of floss can move through the rings, allowing the user to pull on the floss to move to a clean section of floss, without taking the rings off the fingers.

There’s enough floss for the whole mouth. Other disposable flossers have a short length of floss that gets worn quickly and transfers bacteria around the mouth.

Flossio is individually wrapped for hygiene and portability.

Pre-order special offers available for a limited time on (Search Flossio).

For more information email [email protected] or visit

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