New childrens’ toothbrush launched at The Dentistry Show

Untitled-1Philips has launched its new power toothbrush and toothbrush app, called Sonicare for Kids Connected, at The Dentistry Show.

Designed to ‘make brushing fun and engaging’ the new power toothbrush has been created for children from three-10 years old and it offers measurable results through an interactive app to help motivate children to brush more effectively and independently.

‘The new Sonicare for Kids Connected toothbrush offers a unique tool to help children address the oral health challenges they face,’ paediatric dentist, Dr Kat Thayalan, said at the launch.

‘The use of Bluetooth wireless technology will help engage the “i-generation” with their own oral health.’

Sonicare for Kids Connected

UnknownThe interactive app that syncs with the Sonicare for Kids toothbrush gives parents the ability to offer children incentives for toothbrushing.

The app also includes a training partner called ‘Sparkly’ who talks children through a series of fun, educational games that will help them learn how to brush their teeth correctly for longer.

Philips claim 98% of parents believe it is easier to get their children to brush for longer with an improved technique, and 91% of dental professionals who are parents preferred Sonicare for Kids as their children’s primary toothbrush.

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