Get a free pack of DMG Minidam!

DMG Minidam
Get your hands on a free pack of DMG Minidam

As part of its launch campaign, DMG UK is offering 100 readers a free pack of four of its new DMG Minidams.

To claim your pack simply email [email protected] quoting ‘DMG Minidam’, along with your contact details.

What is DMG Minidam?

The new DMG Minidam is a handy silicone shield for isolation of the proximal area that is quick and easy to place.

It helps clinicians achieve dry conditions in the areas requiring treatment between two teeth.

At the same time, the gingiva is reliably protected against the materials being used.

One size fits most patients and application areas.

It is quick and easy to use, comfortable and painless for the patient.

Some of the benefits

The small elastic silicone shield can be placed by one person in just a few seconds.

It stabilises itself and remains securely in position – without clamps, frames, forceps.

It is therefore pleasantly comfortable to use, both for the dentist and the patient.

Another benefit – the entire treatment area remains freely accessible.

Thanks to DMG Minidam, procedures in the proximal area can be completed more quickly and effectively without any problems from moisture contamination.

The material is latex-free and therefore safe for those with allergies.

Its blue colour provides a good contrast between the gingiva, the materials being applied and their applicators.

DMG Minidam is the perfect solution for those clinicians who do not like using rubber dam, but still want to work with high quality materials.

For further information contact your local dental dealer or DMG Dental Products (UK) Ltd on 01656 789401, fax 01656 360100, email [email protected] or visit

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