Hygea 2 prize winner speaks to Dentistry

Hygea 2Paul Middleton, dentist and founder of the Dental Lounge in Cheadle near Manchester, has spoken of his delight in winning the Ultrawave Hygea 2 ultrasonic cleaning bath for dental practices, the star prize in Ultrawave’s November competition.

He told Chris Czyrko, sales and marketing manager of Ultrawave, who personally delivered and installed the brand new bath: ‘I have never won anything in my life, I was ecstatic!’

The arrival of the Hygea 2 will clearly boost efficiencies in decontamination processes at the Dental Lounge, which has grown into one of the leading private cosmetic dental practices in Manchester since opening its doors in 2003.

Paul Middleton said: ‘The Hygea 2 will be good for us.

‘We have two surgeries here and the size of the bath will enable us to get a stack of instruments cleaned; normally you have these tiny little ultrasonic baths and they do break down quite frequently, whereas the Hygea 2 is a lot more heavy duty, more robust in design.’

The Dental Lounge now joins hundreds of dental practices throughout the UK using the Hygea 2, which Ultrawave claims is the most advanced HTM01-05 compliant ultrasonic bath on the market.

Unlike standard ultrasonic cleaners, the Hygea 2 incorporates technology ensuring a repeatable and traceable process.

The three-tier racking system allows up to 45 instruments to be cleaned in one rapid cycle.

Independent testing has shown that heavily contaminated instruments in the Hygea 2 are clean and free of protein after just one 10 minute cycle.

Chris Czyrko, said: ‘We have been manufacturing ultrasonic cleaning equipment since 1990 and we work very closely with the dental community.

‘The Hygea 2 was designed from the ground up specifically for the dentistry profession.

‘This, coupled with meeting the gold standard of HTM compliance, has helped to make the Hygea 2 the success story that it is today.

‘We are delighted to present Paul and his team at the Dental Lounge with their prize and congratulate them on their continuing success.’

Now a winner in more ways than one, Paul was asked what has been his proudest achievement: ‘Really it is the transformation of this place.

‘We took over what was a dyed in the wool, old fashioned, tired dental practice with peeling posters and blu-tak on the walls, and a reception desk squeezed into the waiting room.

‘We are now utterly unrecognisable and even have a beautiful garden out there, how good is that?’

Thanks to winning Dentistry magazine’s competition, in partnership with Ultrawave, Paul Middleton now has even more to smile about.

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