How brochures could drive new patients through your door

postChloe Bradbury goes back to basics by discussing the benefits of a brochure and explaining how going digital can make it cost effective.

As mundane as it may sound, it may be beneficial to consider the humble brochure, a well-used marketing tool but one not so prevalent in our constantly digitalised age. The beautiful brochure is a relic of when more time was spent on tactile marketing and less time spent on search engine optimisation and social media.

Perhaps the brochure, now somewhat forgotten and somewhat outmoded, could be a key marketing tool for your dental practice. That said, the nature of a brochure was and is to allow a full and sumptuous representation of a business without the hindrance of space or word count. High-end shops, travel agents, car manufactures all produce brochures to the present day – an expensive exercise but one that we can presume pays off.

A digital brochure

I have a suggestion for you digital dentistry pioneers, however. Consider the benefits of a digital brochure, a thing of beauty. Created to showcase you and your practice to the highest quality but one that you do not have to get printed (the truly expensive aspect of brochure marketing).

To create a digital brochure you do have to provide good quality, high-resolution photos of your practice and the treatments that you provide, informative text about the latter, and a high aesthetic quality that will encourage new patients to book and old patients to rebook. When you have created your brochure you can add features that make it yet more impressive, for example the turning of a page in a replica fashion of the physical world, or implementing videos throughout the brochure that display you and your practice at their very best.

Having the online equivalent of a bound brochure is significantly more impressive than creating page after page of words (which always looks slightly reminiscent of a take-away menu). If you want to see a truly impressive equivalent of physical manifestation, download the Wired UK app and be blown away.

Getting your brochure seen

Once your beautiful brochure is created it can be uploaded to your website. But draw attention to it – don’t let it gather dust on a page that few people visit. Offer it to people on each page as a download. You can also send it out by email to your existing patients – encouraging them to consider treatments that they perhaps didn’t realise you provided.

A final thought, the greatest aspect of an online brochure is the ability to change and update it. Unlike a hard copy, you are always able to enhance it with very little expense. It can be part of your ever-evolving digital marketing weaponry.

If you would like further information or help regarding the creation of a digital brochure, and how it can transform your website, call Digital Results, a company that specialises in designing and developing sales generative websites and digital marketing campaigns for dental practices and the industry.

Contact Charles Southey, operations director at Digital Results, using any of the below.

Email: [email protected], phone: 0800 688 9810, web:, Twitter: @csouthey.

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