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We are a group of young dentists that not only feel a duty of care towards our patients but also towards the wider dental community. Dentistry is one of the few disciplines that is filled with true professionals. We understand that being a professional extends beyond our occupational responsibility, being a professional is a way of life. We thrive to increase the dental health within our country, however, we would also like to see other, less privileged communities receive a good standard of dental care.

We came together to set up a national organisation that will do just this.

What is MAD?

Make A Dentist (MAD) is a British national organisation that was initially set up in 2009 under the name of BLUZ by dentistry students of the University of London (Bart’s and The London). The campaign was overseen by the dental president and dean of dentistry every year and has been a great success towards its cause. Dental education and clinical goods were collected and sent to dental students in Zimbabwe, which has had a great impact on their education. The initial dental student campaign has now been re-launched nationally to allow other dental professionals to take part in this beautiful act of humanity towards our colleagues in Zimbabwe.

We are privileged to work as dentists in one of the richest countries in the world where we have the power of funding our education and professional development. However, our colleagues in Zimbabwe are not as fortunate as we are and our pledge is to support them.

What can you do?

The purpose of this campaign is simple:

  1. We will send you a list of the suggested educational and clinical materials needed (also available on our website)
  2. Send us what you can from the request list: in most cases these will be either education material or clinical material that is unused and can be very valuable for someone in need
  3. We will raise funds for the shipment of these goods and have them sent over.

We know that dentistry related organisations and companies in the UK regularly discard useful goods, which could be very valuable for dental students in Zimbabwe that are studying dentistry with the bare minimum, and we are simply asking you to send us these goods instead of discarding them.

We aim to put a smile on the faces of dentists who will create beautiful smiles in their communities.

If you are interested in getting involved with MAD, please contact the organisation through its website www.makeadentist.com.

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