Putting the new standards in focus

The interactive site will include case studies, scenarios and FAQs.
'Focus on Standards' has been designed to help registrants test their knowledge on ‘Standards for the Dental Team’. Learning materials for each of the nine principles are included.

The new Standards were developed following intensive consultation with patients and the public and took effect on Monday 30 September 2013.

If a complaint is made about a dental professional their behaviour/conduct will be measured against the standards and guidance in this document, it is therefore vital that registrants are familiar with the nine principles.

The new web pages – which are available to all registrants – can be found here.

For example, under Principle One – ‘Put patients’ interests first and act to protect them’ – a scenario has been developed as follows:

'You are a dental technician who works in a laboratory. The laboratory is struggling financially and you have been asked by the owner to offer a promotion to all new clients to try to encourage more referrals from local dentists. You decide to offer every new client a case of wine if they refer at least 20 crown cases to the laboratory every month for three months.'

It then asks what you should do.

1. Not offer the inducement/incentive?

2. Offer the inducement/incentive?

3. Speak to the GDC?

Once an answer is selected advice is offered on why this may, or may not, be the right course of action. To find out more log on here.

The case studies, scenarios and other learning materials on the 'Focus on Standards' pages are fictional and for illustration purposes only. Their aim is to put ‘Standards for the Dental Team’, and its accompanying guidance, into context.

If you have any comments, queries or suggestions on content for these pages, please contact the Standards Team on [email protected].

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