Out with the old and in with the new

A couple of years ago, Practice Plan developed the Business of Dentistry (BoD) brand – a brand built to complement the Practice Plan offering and to help engage with a wider audience by providing access to a growing range of support services.

Since the launch of BoD, many innovative and business-focused services have been developed and introduced, all designed to help dental practices become more successful and sustainable businesses. Up to now, some of these services have been available through BoD and others through Practice Plan.

After many months of discussions around how we can develop and improve the way we communicate our offering to our clients and make it simpler and easier for them to access and benefit from the vast range of business support services we offer, we've decided that the time is right for us to bring everything together and under one roof!

So, the first change you'll start to notice is the consolidation of the Practice Plan and BoD brands, making a fresh new one which incorporates 'business of dentistry' into its strapline.

Another fundamental change you'll come across is our new website www.practiceplan.co.uk, guaranteed to be content rich, interactive and focused purely on the business side of dentistry.

It's structured in a way that provides support in four key aspects of dental business:

• Attracting and retaining patients

• Increasing treatment uptake

• Saving time and money

• Managing your practice more effectively.

Under each of the key topics you'll access a wide range of services and resources targeted at improving businesses, which will help to achieve powerful, yet cost-effective, results for your practice. One of the biggest features of the new site will be access to our Resource Library – it's jam-packed full of thought-provoking, inspiring, topical and practical articles and resources, many of which are free to access!

For more, visit www.practiceplan.co.uk.

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