Colgate Oral Health Month is here

Colgate Oral Health Month returns this month in a bid to raise awareness of the importance of family oral health.

The initiative, a partnership between Colgate and the British Dental Association, aims to educate the public and encourage dental professionals to communicate with patients.

The official theme for the 2013 campaign is ‘Your smile, your family, your health’.

Dental practices can get involved by registering with Colgate. Once signed up, they will receive sample and educational materials to help promote the event.

The event will also give two hours of verifiable CPD through the associated ‘Delivering prevention together’ module, available to download from during September.

The module will help dental professionals review how they deliver evidence-based prevention messages to families, and establish what additional support and information they need to help enhance patient understanding and aid compliance.

For more information contact the Colgate Oral Health Month line on 0161 665 5881.Colgate OHM jpg

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