New body to lead GDC

The appointments to the new Council, which will take up office in October 2013, have been approved by the Privy Council. It is made up of six lay and six dental professional members and includes individuals from each of the four countries of the UK. A member for Wales has not yet been appointed and a further campaign to recruit to this position will be launched as soon as possible.

Bill Moyes, the first appointed chair of the GDC, said: 'I'm delighted to welcome the appointment of the new Council Members to the GDC. We had an excellent response with nearly 300 applicants who went through a robust selection process. The members appointed have impressive track records and will bring a wide range of skills to the GDC and I very much look forward to working with them.

The GDC plays a critical role in protecting patients and maintaining public confidence in dental regulation. The new Council will lead the GDC as it addresses the challenges facing regulation and will ensure it continues as a leader in healthcare regulation, trusted by the public and with the needs of patients at the heart of its activities.

The current Council steps down on the 30 September 2013 and I would like to thank chair Kevin O'Brien and those existing Council Members who are departing for the invaluable service they have provided and their contribution to the GDC's recent achievements.'

The GDC controls entry to the dental registers; assures the quality of dental education; sets standards of practice for dental professionals and investigates complaints from the public about lapses of standards. The role of the Council is to provide strategic leadership to the GDC, working with the executive.

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