Dental Sky

The R and S cordless Easylight LED from Dental Sky allows for fast, reliable curing after a soft start of three seconds. This allows for a gradual cure of all composite restoratives, eliminating shrinkage that is often caused by curing the material too quickly. With pre-set timings of five, ten, 15 and 20 seconds the easy-to-read digital display shows the exact time elapsed. Also the battery life displayed clearly. Being cordless, the portable Easylight LED is simple to use, particularly as the handle is ergonomically designed with users’ comfort at the forefront.

The lightweight handpiece has wide, flat buttons that are clearly set out, and once dentists are used to the handpiece, they needn’t take their eyes off the job in hand. Thinking ahead the handpiece is fully autoclaveable to help to prevent cross infection. The Easylight LED is supplied complete with a black light guide of 8mm and an oval light hood.


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