DMG goes to Hamburg

A very early start on the morning of  Thursday 30 May saw me heading to Heathrow to catch a flight to Hamburg. A group of 15 dentists and four UK DMG reps, were met at the airport and taken by taxi to DMG's headquarters. We were met with a warm welcome by Felix, Claudia and Stephi who continued to take care of our every need over the next two days.

Felix, who is a charming, enthusiastic and slightly eccentric chemist, led a tour around the two sites at DMG, explaining in detail the history, the  production process and R and D of the company. 

He paid particular attention to the quality control procedures explaining tracking of individual batches of materials along the entire production process. I was particularly impressed by the engineering tool-making department, which underlines the bespoke nature of the machinery required.

After the tour, we were taken to central Hamburg and the Side Hotel. A five-star hotel with very modern design. That evening the DMG crew took us out for a traditional German meal, large volumes of meat washed down by even larger glasses of lager. Further socialising continued in the hotel bar afterwards.

The Friday was spent in the hotel conference room learning about the science behind the materials we use every day as dentists.

Felix gave the majority of the lectures. However he did not focus on DMG's products specifically, but rather discussing the range and the history of the products available from a balanced scientific perspective. I learnt that there is no perfect material, rather a range of materials that are required for different clinical situations; and that these different materials vary in technique sensitivity and this will affect the clinical choice of their use. It was clear that Felix had confidence in DMG's products and this allowed him to approach the days lectures with this very open approach, allowing the science to do the talking.

That evening the DMG team spoilt us further with a dinner safari. A 1960's vintage coach picked us up from the hotel and took us on a small tour of up-market Hamburg. The starter course was held in glorious sunshine on the roof top of the famous Majestic Hotel overlooking the lake and the skyline. The main course was in a Thai restaurant next to the docks, after which we took a boat  ride to the final dessert course in the recently converted warehouse area of Hamburg .

On the Saturday morning before we said goodbye to DMG we had the option of either a city coach tour, or a trip around the flea market with Felix, followed by lunch in the city square.

The trip to Hamburg was an interesting, educational and a fun experience. The attention to detail in both the materials they make, and their hosting, was exceptional.

Thank you to Felix and the rest of the DMG team.

Jeremy McCahill MSc BchD, Managing Partner, Carisbrooke Dental Practice   

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