Dental journeys to inspire

In addition to providing indemnity to 70% of the UK dental profession, Dental Protection (DPL) also has a long history of providing members with innovative educational material. The publication of the Annual Review 2013 continues that tradition.

Called “Journeys”, this year’s publication focuses on the variety of directions for travel that colleagues have experienced as a result of the different personal choices and decisions that make up a professional career. Many of the journeys are initiated by individuals; whilst some are them are a direct result of the systems and processes that third parties have imposed on the dental team. Some of the situations described in the case studies reflect the importance of knowledge and technical competence, whilst others have developed from a progressive accumulation of experience. Although many of the destinations visited in this publication will be familiar, others will provide a more challenging trip into the unknown.

Most importantly, all of the articles in this year’s publication reflect journeys that have the potential to inspire personal and professional development.

Kevin Lewis, Director of Dental Protection said: 'This year’s Annual Review will help members to find something of value in every experience – whether our own experiences of those of others, and whether they happen to be good or bad, painful or exhilarating at the time.

'Several of the articles are personal stories told by members of Dental Protection from different parts of the world as well as by those who have lived the experience with them, helped and supported them. All of us can be enriched by the insights that they share with us.'

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