Be prepared

The aim of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection is to encourage continual improvements relating to essential quality, safety and care and to act swiftly to remedy any potential bad practice. Preparation is key to CQC compliance and inspection success, so it is vital that you choose the correct method of training to suit your staff and practice.

Have courage
The registration and compliance process can seem overwhelming. A lack of understanding of what the inspectors are looking for regarding compliance and regulations can be a contributing factor and can lead to reasons for failure. It is very important that your team fully understand the regulations, how they affect them and the day-to-day running of the practice as a business. To ensure your dental practice is best prepared for the CQC inspection, it can be of great benefit to seek some external help to guide your practice in the right direction.

There are 28 Outcomes that could be examined, and while some are more common than others, there is no real way of knowing what the inspector will ask and to whom. Some companies offer mock audits, which can be beneficial in giving you an idea of what to expect, although no one can guarantee exactly what will be tackled.

It also does not encourage genuine understanding and does nothing to alleviate nerves; it would be far more valuable to instil your staff with confidence, optimism, and skills surrounding the CQC process.

DBG can offer a more interactive setting for learning, such as a workshop. These are interactive and provide a better understanding of the CQC regulations and expectations in a relaxed, informal environment that will facilitate learning and future skills required. Workshops can be informative, engaging and can help make the whole team feel at ease about the upcoming CQC visit. This comfortable environment invites participation, and allows individuals to ask questions and to gain a full, overall knowledge of the CQC process.

Do your best
The CQC inspection is a very broad process, so choosing the correct preparation is vital. Your staff will thank you when they feel positive and equipped for the approaching inspection. It is imperative that everyone regards the CQC as a positive experience, and not one to dread or be afraid of. Workshops, like those offered by DBG will help alleviate the fear and negativity that can initially be associated with any kind of assessment.

An inspector will notice the atmosphere in your practice immediately so make sure you choose the right preparation method that will allow you to give the correct impression.  

Your duty: keep your team in harmony…
• Inconsistencies between staff are still a major issue with maintaining compliance and CQC questioning
• The inspector may question any staff member while he or she is conducting the preliminary tour of the practice so everyone needs to be well versed
• It is essential that all your staff feel comfortable and do not think that they are in a pass or fail environment
• The inspectors will also be looking out for any potential risks and hazards, how staff engage with patents, whether full explanations about quality and care are given, and much more.
How confident are you in your preparation?

Andy Sloan is a director at DBG and is responsible for the membership base and the introduction of new and innovative products and services.
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