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Denplan has a new initiative to use its consumer-facing brand to help drive patients into member practices – this time through the launch of the Denplan Discount Network.

Launching on 17 January, the Denplan Discount Network is designed to provide Denplan practices with access to the 200,000 employees currently covered by its corporate benefit products, by offering them special discounted rates.

So far, 1,500 Denplan dentists have joined the network and this number is growing every day.

It works because Denplan is able to provide employers with information about the service and actively work with them to ensure their employees are aware of all the participating dentists in their area.

All of this is available to the employee though a secure, easy to use website complete with Google Maps, showing the participating dentists local to them and the level of discount offered.

New patients contacting dentists as a result of the network simply present themselves as a private fee-per-item patient and the discount offered is then deducted from the price of their private treatment by the practice. The employee pays the practice as normal, as they claim back their benefit entitlement directly from Denplan.            

Denplan managing director, Steve Gates, who spoke at the launch, commented: 'The Denplan Discount Network is just another example of our unique service offering at Denplan – using our brand positioning to drive patients into Denplan practices.

'It makes perfect sense to link the two sides of our business together and the best news is that dentists are still able to join, so the Network will continue to grow and become even more appealing to businesses around the country.'

If you are a Denplan member and wish to join the Network, call 0800 169 9962.

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