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DMG has introduced a special offer intro kit containing a 9ml Permacem 2.0 Smartmix syringe and five mixing tips for just £55 + VAT (available until 31 December 2012).

Available in A2 universal, A3 opaque or transparent shades, Permacem 2.0 is perfect for use with all crown and bridge restorations including zirconia-based all-ceramic restorations.

Zirconia-based all-ceramic restorations deliver a perfect combination of aesthetics and reliability. Until now, however, clinicians have had to accept a compromise between reliable adhesion and overall aesthetics. However, Permacem 2.0 provides outstanding adhesive strength to zirconia without the need for separate etching and bonding steps. Permacem 2.0’s ‘Flow 2.0’ adhesive monomer formula enables superior natural self-adhesion without the compromises associated with traditional permanent cements.

Permacem 2.0 achieves an exceptional adhesive strength to other materials as well, including metals, composite restorations or glass fibre-reinforced posts. Its formula also facilitates easy handling and simple excess removal.

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