Spa practice stamps out fear of drilling

National firm Dentist Direct has launched its first new spa-style practice which aims to stamp out fear of drilling and injections among dental patients.
Dentist Direct hit the dental scene just over a year ago to provide dentists with a new route into business through a joint venture dental franchise (JVDF) opportunity.
This venture means that Dentist Direct delivers all of the services of a franchise with the benefits of a Joint Venture Partnership, allowing dentists to run their own practices while receiving the support of head office for all non-clinical functions such as finance, compliance and marketing.
Dentist Direct’s first practice has now officially opened in Colchester, with principal Dr Neel Sanghavi, allowing patients to be treated with revolutionary laser technology which can be used instead of drills and needles for almost any dental procedure and which – in most cases – is completely painless.
This technology, known as the Waterlase iPlus, has been largely unavailable in the UK despite having a hugely positive impact in Europe and the US, where it has done to dentistry what laser eye surgery has done to the optical industry.
It works by fusing laser energy with a gentle stream of water, reducing pain, anxiety and trauma for patients and instead creating a much more comfortable experience for them.
While UK dentists have been reluctant to invest in the technology due to its high cost, Dentist Direct conducted in-depth research into the level of fear that needles and drills cause for many patients and has responded by providing the Waterlase in each of its new practices.
On top of this, the Company also aims to make life a lot easier for patients by tackling all of the issues associated with a trip to the dentist, offering early morning, late evening and weekend opening hours as well as plenty of free parking and disabled access.
Dentist Direct is now calling for more dentists to come on board as partners and take advantage of the opportunity to provide more convenient and pain-free dentistry to a wider UK client base.
Principal dentist Dr Neel Sanghavi is heading up Dentist Direct’s new practice at 708 The Centre (Severals), Colchester Business Park.
He said: “I am very excited to be heading up Dentist Direct Colchester. I think it’s a brilliant concept for dentists like myself who want to grow their clinical skills and concentrate on caring after their patients rather than spending time worrying about the business and compliance side of things.
“The superb head office team literally take away the headaches and drive the business forward, making it a truly win-win relationship.”
Chief executive Paul Moore added: “We hope our unique combination of revolutionary technology, free parking, flexible appointment times and very reasonable prices will make it possible for people to actually look forward to a trip to the dentist.
“Following the successful launch of our Colchester clinic, we’re now looking to roll out many other practices across the country, with the aim of helping over 100 dentists to set up on their own.”
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