Online patient bookings reach 1,000-plus

Software of Excellence’s new online appointment booking module has proved a real hit with patients as appointments booked using the new system reach the 1,000 mark.

This new technology has already captured the imagination of patients who are now able to make appointments at a time that suits them, with the added benefit of making more efficient use of practice reception staff and allow more focus on customer service.

Software of Excellence’s appointment booking module differs from other on-line solutions thanks to its full integration with EXACT’s recall system.


The unique software can be used to identify existing patients, automatically sending recall messages via email or text with a unique link prompting the patient to access a practice-branded on-line booking facility.


In the same way the on-line facility can also be used on the practice’s website as a tool to attract new patients who are able to book an appointment without the constraints of practice opening hours.

Once a desired appointment is selected the software reserves the appointment, updating EXACT’s appointment book in real time. Patients receive an instant confirmation email or text message and for new patients verification is carried out using a text short code or automated call – a recognised process that significantly improves new patient attendance.

In addition the on-line module can also be used to successfully increase patient uptake of new treatments. The implementation of targeted campaigns is now easy to manage using the online booking process. By creating a contact list in EXACT it is possible to create an email or text campaign with a specific call to action for patients to book an appointment.

As practices become increasingly familiar with the application of this type of new technology, they have a greater ability to engage with existing and potential patients. This innovative and ground- breaking solution works via email and on smart phones, stimulating outstanding response rates and making a measurable and significant contribution to the overall success of a practice.

To view the intro video and see how online booking works in practice visit or call 0800 328 6227 or for more details.

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