Daring dentist to swim with sharks

A dentist is diving into a shark-infested tank for charity.

Richard Howarth, 45-year-old dentist from Smile Style Dental in Stafford, is taking up the challenge to swim with a shark in aid of charity, Dental Mavericks.

Richard will be thrown into a tank full of Sand Tiger sharks at the Blue Planet Aquarium in Manchester this Friday (8 June) 2012. 
And Storm is the biggest shark and is 11.5ft long and weighs 30 stone with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth.
The idea for the fundraising stunt was suggested by a patient at the Stafford practice who thought it about time Richard was placed outside of his comfort zone.

Richard said: ‘The idea for this crazy dive came from a patient of mine. I think they find it funny that I spend my life helping patients who are anxious and fearful. And for me to immerse myself in the tank then the tables would be turned.’
Richard Howarth a member of the Dental Mavericks Charity is travelling again to Morocco September 25 for eight days to treat children in severe dental pain with no access to dental care.
The Shark Tooth Cleaning Challenge is to raise £2,000 to help buy a solar-powered dental chair so that more conventional dental care can be provided rather than just extractions and fillings.

You can hear Richard’s views on the challenge here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZKvppZJyWE&feature=youtu.be
For more information and to sponsor the challenge, visit:

www.dentalmavericks.org or



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