A ‘buy two, get one free’ special offer

X-tra base is a composite designed especially for bulk filling.

This flowable, self-levelling composite enables up to 4mm thick increments to belaid, which can be quickly light-cured.

A 4mm increment of x-tra base in the Universal shade requires only 10 seconds of light curing.

After the insertion and polymerisation of x-tra base, the stable restoration base requires only an occlusal covering layer with a methacrylate-based universal or posterior tooth composite. This enables a simple, efficient and safe restorative treatment in the posterior tooth area. X-tra base is suitable for lining class I and II cavities as well as for the first layer of cavity lining.

This new composite is available both in the non-run, non-drip NDT syringe, and in convenient flow caps with flexible metal cannula. Both syringes and caps enable secure and precise application. X-tra base is supplied in Universal and A2 shades.

A ‘buy two, get one free’ special offer is available on x-tra base (Universal shade) from 1 April until 30 September 2012.

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