Pam celebrates 20 years with BADN

The British Association of Dental Nurses’ (BADN) chief executive, Pam Swain, is celebrating 20 years of service with the Association.

It makes her the longest-serving chief executive of a dental professional association having started out working for the Association of British Dental Surgery Assistants (ABDSA), as it was then.

Paula Sleight, president from 1995-1997, said: ‘Pam’s appointment made a huge difference to the Association. She dragged us screaming, somewhat belatedly, into the 20th century and put the Association onto a much more business-like footing, introducing a computer system, including a professional customised database management system, a telephone system and a proper membership benefits scheme.

She reorganised council meetings so that they ran much more efficiently; and revamped the journal into the professional publication it is today. That’s without mentioning what she did for conferences!’

Joan Hatchard, BADN’s finance officer and a vonference attendee since the late 1980s added: ‘Pam’s efficiency and organisation really made a difference to Conference. Pam runs a very tight ship – everything is planned out to the last minute and smallest detail with contingency plans for almost everything.

‘In addition, her networking skills soon meant that she had persuaded top class speakers to appear at Conference and dental trade companies to sponsor it, making the BADN Conference a major event in dentistry.’

Current BADN President Nicola Docherty added: ‘I am sure all past presidents will agree with me that the support offered by Pam and the office staff makes the Presidential term of office run much more smoothly. We all draw extensively on Pam’s skills and knowledge to get us through our two years.’

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