Sugarfree gum as part of the dental hygiene regime

Wrigley’s Oral Healthcare Program (WOHP) is undertaking a number of research projects designed to gain a better understanding of dental professionals’ awareness of the benefits of chewing sugarfree gum after eating and drinking.

The results of this on-going research will form the basis of a fresh approach to communicating with dental professionals, in order to increase the recommendation ‘Eat, Drink, Chew’ to patients.

A digital survey sent by WOHP to around 30,000 dental professionals and students in January explored awareness and recommendation levels, as well as asking for feedback about the kind of resources professionals need to help them communicate the clinically proven benefits of chewing sugarfree gum to their patients.

At the same time, WOHP attendance at an extended calendar of events in the UK and Ireland will focus on gaining more feedback from professionals about their approach to recommending sugarfree gum as part of a dental hygiene routine.

The feedback from all of this activity will guide the development of a range of on and offline resources for 2012/13 to complement and support product sampling.

Louisa Rowntree, communications manager for WOHP, says:  ‘Talking to dental professionals to improve our understanding of their approach to recommending sugarfree gum to their patients is at the heart of our approach this year. We are focused on increasing patient recommendation and feedback from research, from key opinion leaders and from the conversations we have with professionals at events and conferences, will guide the development of a range of new resources for dentists, hygienists and patients.”

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