Brace-friendly recipe book

One of the activities of the 2011 National Orthodontic Week campaign was a recipe competition which encouraged people to submit their favourite brace friendly recipes.

Now a collection of recipes has been compiled into a booklet featuring twenty six of the winning dishes.

Every recipe has been analysed by Juliette Reeves, who is clinical director of Perio-Nutrition, which offers nutritional advice specifically tailored for dental patients.

Juliette is an expanded-duties dental hygienist and trained nutritionist with over thirty year’s experience.

She qualified from Birmingham Dental Hospital in 1981 and studied nutrition with Patrick Holford and Kate Neil at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition, gaining qualifications in Optimum Nutrition Education with further study in Nutritional Biochemistry.

She has written and lectured internationally over the last 16 years on the systemic link between nutrition and oral health.

Juliette is senior UK tutor to the Swiss Dental Academy and regularly presents post graduate seminars around the country.

As a practising hygienist and nutritionist, Juliette’s main areas of interest are oral health of the renal patient and nutritional influences in periodontal disease, stress, bone density and female hormones

Along with the ingredients and method, each recipe features a full nutritional breakdown and advice from Juliette who also offers suggestion for ways the recipes can be altered to suit specific nutritional or oral health needs.

In her introductory foreword Juliette said: ‘A healthy balanced diet is important for all of us, especially for teenagers, whose growth and development now will influence their overall health for life.

‘This collection has been put together to help ensure that the food restrictions needed whilst wearing a brace, will not affect your nutritional status, food choice and fun whilst you are having your teeth straightened. These recipes are easy to make and are suitable for the whole family, whilst being tooth friendly at the same time.’

NOW Let’s Cook is a brightly illustrated booklet which features easy to read and following instructions for a range of starters, main courses and deserts as well as breakfast dishes and even drinks which can be prepared not only with the brace wearer in mind, but to suit the whole family, so parents don’t need to make different food and the patient does not feel singled out.

Straight Talking
Also being launched today by the BOS is a new patient newspaper called Straight Talking which has been written to highlight the benefits of orthodontic treatment.  In the first issue, Katie Irvine, the winner of this year’s ‘Against the Odds’ completion tells the amazing story of how she overcame the odds to achieve a smile which had made her the butt of bullying attention.

Straight Talking also offers people who have undergone orthodontic treatment the chance to win a £750 holiday voucher by telling their ‘triumph over adversity’ stories and highlight the bond they developed with their orthodontist.

NOW Let’s Cook and Straight Talking are both available from the British Orthodontic Society website – and National Orthodontic Week website – as free a free download.  More information can be obtained by contacting Ann Wright, Administrator, British Orthodontic Society by calling 020 7353 8680 or emailing [email protected]


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