Fluoride toothpaste recommended for disabled children

Disabled children should use fluoridated toothpaste earlier than other children, according to research from Trinity College Dublin.

The general recommendation is that young children should not use fluoride rich toothpaste. However, a study led by Professor June Nunn and Dr Darius Sagheri says that children with disabilities can be more prone to oral disease, justifying the case for using it.

The authors said: ‘Up to three years of age there was virtually no dental decay in these children. But once you got over that threshold, that’s when decay started to develop, and when they have decay it tends to remain untreated.

‘The recommendation here in Ireland is that children under the age of two shouldn’t be using fluoridated toothpaste. However, given the vulnerability of these children, and the fact that dental care can take years to develop, we need to start protection early.

It is recommended that children brush their own teeth, but in cases where this is not possible, parents or carers should brush the child’s teeth.
There are a number of reasons why children with disabilities are more prone to oral disease.

Some genetic problems can cause defects in tooth enamel, and Down’s syndrome has been linked with gum problems. In addition, children who have difficulties chewing do not benefit from the natural cleaning action of the tongue cheek and lip muscles.

^1326844800^4786^Fluoride toothpaste recommended for…^Disabled children should use fluoridated toothpaste earlier than other children, according to research from Trinity College Dublin.The gener…^
Core CPD the easy way^

Get your year’s core verifiable CPD covered in a day!

The hugely popular CPD Essentials seminar returns in 2012, once again covering all 5 core subjects in a single day.

Due to popular demand, there are four dates for 2012, providing an opportunity for everyone to attend.

The first date for 2012 is Friday 3 February at the prestigious London location and only a few places remain! Take advantage of our fantastic January offer and save 25%!

Completing verifiable CPD can be a tricky task. In today’s demanding and busy world, finding the time is not easy.

This year, Independent Seminars provides the answer to achieving this with the hugely popular CPD Essentials, which provides you with 7 verifiable CPD hours.

Four exceptional dental experts will be presenting educational, stimulating and relevant lectures on the core subjects, providing delegates not only with their core verifiable CPD for the year, but with crucial updates in these important subjects.

Dr Len D’Cruz will take on the topics of legal & ethical issues and complaints handling.
Dr Martin Fulford will present the topic of disinfection and decontamination.

The last two topics, medical emergencies and radiography & radiation protection, will be explored by Dr Yusof Omar and Dr Jimmy Makdissi respectively.

Plus, for the first time ever, we’re taking this first-rate course to Leeds on Friday 9 March. We will also have an additional two dates in London on Friday 6 July and Friday 19 October if you are unable to attend in February. Whichever location is best for you, get booked soon as the CPD Essentials courses always sell out very quickly.

Dentists call 0800 371 652 and quote ‘JAN25’ to benefit from our CPD January Spectacular – Receive 25% off until 23 January!*
Pay just £266+VAT usually £355+VAT!

Or why not take advantage of Independent Seminars’ cost-saving special team rate? This rate covers attendance for one dentist and two team members and is just £625+VAT, saving you over £100! (Standard dentist rate: £355+VAT, DCP rate: £195+VAT.)

*Not in conjunction with any other offer.

Visit www.independentseminars.com for more details



^1326844800^4787^Core CPD the easy way^Get your year’s core verifiable CPD covered in a day! The hugely popular CPD Essentials seminar returns in 2012, once again cover…^
The countdown is on! ^

The countdown is well and truly on for the inaugural Irish Dentistry Awards, which take place next Wednesday, 25 January.

Dublin’s Round Room at the Mansion House will host the event, welcoming the cream best of the Irish dental profession through its doors. The Irish Dentist Awards recognise the very best that the country’s dental profession has to offer.

By splitting the country up into regions, they pay respect to the leading clinicians, teams and practices working for the good of patients all over Ireland.

Here, we present the shortlisted entries competing at next week’s ceremony:

Best new practice
Blue Poppy Dental Practice
Cranmore Dental & Implant Clinic
Railway Dental Surgery
Woodquay Dental
Woodstown Dental Centre
Zen Orthodontics

Most attractive practice
Church Road Dental Care
DMcC Orthodontics
Dunmurry Dental Practice
Foyle Dental Spa
Redmond Molloy
Seapoint Clinic
Woodstown Dental Centre

Best dental team
Belmore Dental Clinic
Church Road Dental Care
Flynns Dental Care
Northern Cross Dental
Portobello Dental Clinic
Seapoint Clinic
Wellington Quay Dental Centre

Best patient care
Blueapple Dental & Implant Team
Blue Poppy Dental Practice
Church Road Dental Care
Eyre Square Dental Clinic
DMcC Orthodontics
Flynns Dental Care
Northern Cross Dental
Pembroke Dental
Portobello Dental Clinic
Seapoint Clinic
Wellington Quay Dental Centre

Best specialist practice
Blueapple Dental & Implant Team
Cranmore Dental & Implant Clinic
DMcC Orthodontics
Northern Cross Dental

Best community or charity project
Belmore Dental Clinic
Blueapple Dental & Implant Team
Browne Orthodontics
Pembroke Dental

Best marketing
Absolute Dental Care
Blueapple Dental & Implant Team
Bray Dental
Dunmurry Dental Practice
Gate Dental Clinic
Redmond Molloy
Wellington Quay Dental Centre

Best employer
Belmore Dental Clinic – Dr Sinead McEnhill
Blue Poppy Dental Practice – Siobhan Murray
Flynns Dental Care – Hannah Flynn
Northern Cross Dental – Kieran Daly & Declan Furlong
Pembroke Dental – Brenda Barrett
Seapoint Clinic
Woodquay Dental – Lisa Creaven

Best dental laboratory
Southern Cross Dental Laboratories Ltd
Dental Tech Dental Lab

Best website
Blessington Dental Surgery
Gate Dental Clinic
Northern Cross Dental
Pearls Dental Clinics
Portobello Dental Clinic
Ratoath Dental Centre
Seapoint Clinic
Wellington Quay Dental Centre
Woodquay Dental

Outstanding individual of the year
Dunmurry Dental Practice – Philip McLorinan
Foyle Dental Spa – Victoria Kelly
Seapoint Clinic – Nicky Mahon

Practice of the year – Northern Ireland
Bachelors Walk Dental
Belmore Dental Clinic
Blueapple Dental & Implant Team
Church Road Dental Care
Cranmore Dental & Implant Clinic
Dunmurry Dental Practice

Practice of the year – Republic of Ireland West
Eyre Square Dental Clinic
Gate Dental Clinic
Woodquay Dental

Practice of the year – Republic of Ireland East
Pembroke Dental
Ratoath Dental Centre

Practice of the year – Dublin
Portobello Dental Clinic
Seapoint Clinic
Woodstown Dental Centre

Practice of the year – Republic of Ireland South
Absolute Dental Care
Flynns Dental Care





^1326844800^4788^The countdown is on! ^The countdown is well and truly on for the inaugural Irish Dentistry Awards, which take place next Wednesday, 25 January.Dublin’s Round Room…^
Private dentists ‘putting patients at risk’^

Private dentists have been accused in Parliament of putting patients at risk with unnecessary operations.

Labour MP for Rhondda Chris Bryant said many private providers were encouraging patients to have procedures they ‘certainly do not need’ and urged government to include dentists in any investigations into private sector cosmetic surgery.

‘Will the Secretary of State add laser surgery clinics to his list, and also private dentists, many of which are encouraging patients to undergo operations they certainly do not need?’

Health secretary Andrew Lansley has asked the medical director of the NHS, Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, to convene an expert group to look at the future regulation of the cosmetic service industry following the PIP breast implant scandal where implants were filled with non-medical grade
silicone intended for use in mattresses.

Mr Lansley said: ‘I think their ability to meet their liabilities towards their patients should be one of the issues we look at.’

And Mr Bryant said dentists must not escape scrutiny.

Speaking in a debate on the PIP breast implants, Mr Bryant said: ‘May I suggest to the Secretary of State that the problems in the cosmetic intervention industry may be far more extensive than we have known thus far? A few years ago, I had my eyes lasered. I visited five clinics, four
of which seemed to be trying to sell me an intervention rather than trying to do anything that would be in my general health interest. Will the Secretary of State add laser surgery clinics to his list, and also private dentists, many of which are encouraging patients to undergo operations
that they certainly do not need?

Mr Lansley replied: I will reserve my position on dentistry, because there is a very wide range and cosmetic intervention constitutes a substantial proportion of overall dentistry activity, but I will happily consider whether there is an issue to be dealt with.’

Other MPs said if firms are not indemnified against the risk of surgery or willing to accept  responsibility they should not be allowed to practise.

Mr Lansley added: ‘The position we have inherited is that I have no powers in relation to the provision of private health care by private companies. The Heath and Social Care Bill provides for the establishment of Monitor as health sector regulator that will license such providers. I am not
making any judgement at this point on whether it would be appropriate for conditions to be attached to such licences in relation to the continuity of service to patients, but it is one option that we can consider.’

The British Dental Association said it supported the patients’ right to choose.

A spokesperson for the BDA said: ‘Dentists provide a wide range of NHS and private care. While the NHS provides what is clinically necessary, patients can access a wider range of procedures and treatment options in the private sector.

‘These can include aesthetic treatments such as whitening, choices such as different types of crown and filling materials, and greater flexibility about appointments. Dentists working in the private sector are also free of the constraints of the UDA system, which means they can spend more
time with patients.

‘The BDA supports dentists in providing a full range of treatments and patients’ right to choose in which sector they receive care. Treatment decisions should be made by dentists and patients together. The availability of private care extends patient choice, which the BDA supports.’

In the UK, private cosmetic companies have been urged to remove implants they fitted – however, some have said it would be unaffordable and have blamed a failure of regulation.

^1326931200^4790^Private dentists ‘putting patients …^Private dentists have been accused in Parliament of putting patients at risk with unnecessary operations.Labour MP for Rhondda Chris Bryant …^
Ofcom to veto Royal Mail price increases^

Massive increases to the price of posting mail in the UK will harm small business such as dental practices and hasten the demise of the Royal Mail.

In a letter to Ofcom, the not-for-profit group, the Forum of Private Business, has urged the industry regulator not to allow Royal Mail bosses to go ahead with radical reforms which could drive the price of a second class stamp by as much as 50%.

Ofcom is currently consulting on the proposals which are part of a huge shake-up planned by Royal Mail executives who say the changes will allow it to become profitable again, but could see second class stamp prices rocket from 36p to 55p.

Other proposals being considered are no-limit increases for the price of a first class stamp until 2018 which would not require Ofcom approval as per current rules.

Royal Mail, whose letter business lost £120 milion in 2011, have submitted the proposals to Ofcom who have to agree to any price revisions before they can be implemented.

But the Forum has warned the industry watchdog that agreeing to them would simply create another cost barrier to trading for small firms reliant on postal services who can ill afford further price hikes.

‘We understand that Royal Mail is currently a loss-making organisation and action needs to be taken to address this, but we believe constant price rises are not the way to tackle the issue,’ said the Forum’s head of campaigns, Jane Bennett.

‘Small businesses are regular users of the service and would be the hardest hit by any increases, and it’s these businesses which are already experiencing high business costs.’


^1326931200^4789^Ofcom to veto Royal Mail price incr…^Massive increases to the price of posting mail in the UK will harm small business such as dental practices and hasten the demise of the Roya…^
New oral health science website ^

New research in oral health emerges all the time.

Oral Health Science brought to you by Colgate, offers a convenient place to find interactive study highlights, full journal articles, audio summaries and email updates about the latest findings in oral health, all qualifying for verifiable continuing professional development (CPD).

Studies sited on Oral Health Science are compelling and topical.

Current studies under review consider recent advances in the way we view oral care, along with the relationship to overall health.

Some of these findings demonstrate how innovative toothpaste formulations can now help your patients to prevent dental caries and improve periodontal health.

You could choose to review a comparison of toothpaste formulations or an in-depth survey of approaches to oral care, each will add to your understanding of current treatment modalities.

Each article summary you review qualifies for 0.5 hours verifiable CPD.


For further information and to register visit www.oralhealthscience.co.uk.


^1327017600^4791^New oral health science website ^New research in oral health emerges all the time.Oral Health Science brought to you by Colgate, offers a convenient place to find interactiv…^
Dentistry focus: social networking – a must^

Social networks are a great and easy way for you to communicate with your potential customers, says Brendon Macdonald, a socialmedia expert.

He says: ‘Nowadays, the buyers set the ground rules on when and where they will engage and increasingly turn to trusted third parties for education (including via blogs, twitter and other social media).

‘This means your business must develop an integrated social media strategy which identifies where potential patient conversations are happening and effectively uses various digital channels to acquire, convert and retain patients.’

‘By the end of 2013 it is estimated that 90% of web browsing will be completed on mobile phones’ 

Brendon Macdonald is co-founder and chief engagement officer at ApexHub and director at Interactive Dental Media.

Brendon will be giving a presentation at the Dentistry Show in March, entitled ‘Social Media for your Business – Evolve? Or Dissolve?’ that aims to inform and instruct practice managers and dentists alike on how to use social media to their advantage.

Brendon’s message is that technology is taking over the world at an alarming rate, leaving no prisoners and social networking is a series of unavoidable stepping-stones that practice managers and dentists need to walk across to reach their full potential.

The key focus will be about understanding the social network trends that will happen in 2012.

He will discuss how practice managers can understand what a social business is and how dentists can consider what needs to be provided for a practice, having a strong presence that will filter down through their staff, enabling time saving and economical growth.

The efficiency of social media is underrated and the presentation will explore how to give social networking tasks to members of staff, forming a cohesive, balanced and organised structure that will lend itself to future marketing strategies.

Practice managers and dentists will learn about levels of product contact that can be measured within social networking and distributing positive content in their area, whilst spending the least amount of time on it.

The presentation will look to find enthusiasm on this subject, placing personalities to the correct networking contact.

Organic opportunities are becoming increasingly hard to find due to the overcrowding of social networking sites.

Finding the correct resources and tools for the practice and dentist is half the battle.  Nowadays, sponsored updates that go into news feeds need to be heavily filtered to find relevant information and it is imperative to give priority to key areas that will give maximum exposure.

The presence of the web is overwhelming in the dentistry business and the future of web traffic lies in online videos.

By the end of 2013 it is estimated that 90% of web browsing will be completed on mobile phones.  For now, with many companies trying to sell via popular trends, quality of content on site is becoming increasingly important for practice managers and dentists in order save time and raise their profile.

Brendon will show a case study during his presentation that will demonstrate how to set up an info structure through social networking to maximise marketing opportunities.

For practice managers, it’s about learning about the ‘must have’ tools to manage their time and appearance in the industry, and for dentists, it is about understanding the trends that will happen in social networking.  For both parties, it means deciding what needs to be provided online and how to maintain this strong presence in the long term.

The key points Brendon hopes practice managers and dentists will take away are:
• What a social business is, and what the benefits are.
• What lies ahead in 2012 for social media for business.
• Finding breathing room in an overcrowded social network.
• Must have social tools for businesses to use.
• Case study of a social media campaign in a dental practice.

The Dentistry Show is at the NEC, Birmingham March 2nd and 3rd 2012.


For more informatio, visit www.thedentistryshow.co.uk, call 020 7348 5269 or email [email protected]




^1327017600^4792^Dentistry focus: social networking …^Social networks are a great and easy way for you to communicate with your potential customers, says Brendon Macdonald, a socialmedia expert….^
Dental foundation recruitment hailed a hit^

At the end of the first phase of nationally co-ordinated recruitment to Dental Foundation (Vocational) Training in England and Wales, 84% of candidates have already been offered places on training schemes commencing in 2012.

Plans for the process were agreed by a steering group comprising postgraduate deans, associate deans and members of London Deanery recruitment team, together with a BDA representative.

Recruitment was co-ordinated by the Committee of Postgraduate Dental Deans & Directors (COPDEND) in partnership with London Deanery, which has considerable expertise in medical recruitment and managed the process.

There were 1,190 applications made online and of these, 1,145 eligible candidates, including 97 from European dental schools were invited to one of five selection centres held across England.

In November 2011, 1,109 candidates attended these assessments and interviews, which were carried out by experienced foundation trainers and training programme directors who had undergone standardised training and calibration.

Each applicant was asked to state a preference order for each of the 74 training schemes and offers of a place were made on the basis of ranked scores achieved and stated preferences. Those who scored highest were offered a place on the scheme they most preferred.

All 927 places were allocated within a week of offers being made and of these 45% secured their first choice, 65% were offered a place on one of their top three schemes and 84% on one of their top 10 schemes.

Individual deaneries will be allocating these successful applicants to individual training practices over the next few months.

Further training places are expected to become available later in the year and 133 candidates on a reserve list will be notified about these after 2012 BDS final examinations are concluded.

Future offers of a place will be made on the same meritocratic basis as in this first round, using ranked scores and applicant preferences. Dental Foundation training places are funded by the NHS and the final number of funded places available for 2012/13 has not yet been confirmed.

A follow-up independent quality assurance of the entire process will be carried out by the UK Advisory Board for Dental Foundation Training, to ensure the process is both transparent and fair.

COPDEND and London Deanery are also undertaking a thorough evaluation, including statistical analysis of the data from the selection centres.

Initial results demonstrate minimal variation in average scores achieved on different days and in different locations for the selection centres and confirm there was no advantage in attending on a particular day. A detailed report will be published after the completion of the 2012 process.

Professor Chris Franklin, chair of COPDEND said: ‘I am very pleased with how well this process has gone and would like to congratulate all those who have been offered a place in the first round.

‘I do understand that the uncertainty may be unsettling for those who are still waiting to hear about a training place and would encourage those at dental school to concentrate now on preparing for final examinations. In previous years, most students didn’t know where they would be training until much nearer the start of the programme.’

^1327017600^4793^Dental foundation recruitment haile…^At the end of the first phase of nationally co-ordinated recruitment to Dental Foundation (Vocational) Training in England and Wales, 84% of…^http://dev.dentistry.co.uk/sites/all/themes/dentistry/images/news_images/students.png
2,000 Twitter followers for Henry Schein Minerva ^

Henry Schein Minerva is leading the way in dental social media and now has 2,000-plus followers on Twitter!

By using the social media site as an immediate and interactive tool, Henry Schein Minerva is breaking new ground for the dental industry and providing innovative ways for dental professionals to access exclusive offers.

Now, thanks to further collaboration with Ivoclar Vivadent another company at the forefront of the social media revolution, dentists can take advantage of three exclusive incentives which can be accessed by following @HenryScheinUK on Twitter, liking HenryScheinMinervaDental on Facebook or adding Henry Schein Minerva to their Circle on Google+ at Henry Schein UK

1.     The first 250 dentist to message and ‘Request a Sample’ will receive a sample of Ivoclar’s Ivoclean.

2.     Followers, Likes or Circle friends who post a picture or video or submit a written testimonial of them using Ivoclar Empress Composite will be entered into a competition to win* an Empress Direct Kit and a £100 HSM product voucher to spend on Ivoclar product. Offer closes June 30th 2012.

3.     Buy a Bluephase Style curing light and receive a jumbo pack of either Tetric EvoCeram A2 Cavifil or Tetric EvoCeram A2 Syringe, FREE

*terms and conditions apply

^1327017600^4794^2,000 Twitter followers for Henry S…^Henry Schein Minerva is leading the way in dental social media and now has 2,000-plus followers on Twitter! By using the social media s…^http://dev.dentistry.co.uk/sites/all/themes/dentistry/images/news_images/twitter.jpg
Give us a job, say students^

Professor Franklin’s throwaway comment that he ‘understands’ how unsettling it is for those final year students without a training place, must rank as one of the most patronising remarks of the year.

As is his advice for them to ‘concentrate now on preparing for final examinations’. But not, apparently for work in the NHS, rather for a future of unemployment.

The news from the Committee of Postgraduate Dental Deans & Directors (COPDEND) claims ‘success’ in allocating 927 places among the 1,109 candidates who attended for interviews. Of the 182 (16%) with no place, 133 are on a ‘reserve list’ who may get a training place. The remaining 49, the output of one UK dental school are thrown on the scrap heap.

Back in 2004, the then government announced that 185 extra dentists would be trained each year. Now that they have qualified, this government is telling 182 of them that there is no job for them in NHS dentistry. At an estimated cost of £250,000 per student, it has cost the UK taxpayer £15.4 million for each dentist joining the NHS.

To make matters worse, hidden in the story, is the fact that 97 of those who applied came from European dental schools. Unlike UK qualified dentists, those from the rest of the EU do not need to do Foundation Training to go on an NHS Performers List.

How many of these 97 displaced students trained at the UK taxpayers’ expense is an unknown. But it only adds to the scandal (not the success, Professor Franklin) of ‘new-style dental foundation recruitment’.

It also begs the question of why, if all dental schools in Europe have equivalence, the NHS treats UK students differently in requiring an extra year of Foundation Training from them.

We can also ask why our government does not guarantee sufficient training places for all who qualify from our universities.

Until now, we have gone along on the assumption that the different treatment, as regards Vocational and now Foundation Training is an immutable rule of the European Union (EU).

In a similar way, we have been told that Britain is not free to ban foreign doctors, dentists or nurses from working in this country if they do not speak adequate English nor if there are concerns over their medical ability.

However in a recent Daily Telegraph article, Michel Barnier, EU commissioner for the internal market, says any problems associated with foreign doctors are the responsibility of the NHS. He said it was a ‘myth’ that Britain cannot ban EU doctors.

By the same logic it is presumably also a ‘myth’ that EU-trained dentists are subject to different rules from those qualified here. It is time that the newly euro-sceptic partners in the coalition took some action to ensure all UK trained dentists can practise in the NHS.

^1327276800^4795^Give us a job, say students^Professor Franklin’s throwaway comment that he ‘understands’ how unsettling it is for those final year students without a …^
Stephen Fry falls asleep at dentist^

Comedian and actor Stephen Fry underwent dental surgery last Friday.

The comedian and actor had a temporary triple crown fited but is returning to his specialist this week to have a permanent replacement fitted.

In a tweet on Twitter, he wrote: ‘Hell’s teeth & a bucket of blood. 3 hour session at the dentist coming up. There isn’t enough (anti-anxiety drug) Xanax in the world to prepare for this.’

And updating followers later in the day, he added: ‘Well that went better than expected. Temporary triple crown fitted on bottom row. Real ones installed next week. Actually fell asleep.’

^1327276800^4796^Stephen Fry falls asleep at dentist^Comedian and actor Stephen Fry underwent dental surgery last Friday.The comedian and actor had a temporary triple crown fited but is returni…^
Cash incentive for tooth decay crackdown^

Preventing cancer, cutting tooth decay in children and the population weighing less, are some of the challenges local councils will be able to track when they take over looking after the health and wellbeing of their residents.

That’s according to health secretary, Andrew Lansley.

For the first time, public health will be measured against a framework which sets out 66 health measures so councils and the government are able to see real improvements being made and take any action needed.

From April next year, councils will be given a ring-fenced budget – a share of around £5.2 billion based on 2012/13 funding – and will be able to choose how they spend it according to the needs of their population. Those who make the most improvements will be rewarded with a cash incentive.

The results this progress will be measured against include:

• Fewer children under five will have tooth decay
• People will weigh less
• More women will breastfeed their babies
• Fewer over 65s will suffer falls
• Fewer people will smoke
• Fewer people will die from heart disease and stroke.

But public health is more than just moving more and eating well. It’s also about tackling the causes of ill-health.

That is why the new measures also look at school attendance, domestic abuse, homelessness and air pollution.

Speaking at the Royal Society for Public Health, Andrew Lansley said: ‘We are giving local councils the money, the power, the right expertise and information to build healthier communities. Every area of the country is different so councils will be able to decide what the most important public health concern is for them and spend the money appropriately.

‘It is absolutely right that the budget and decision making sits with councils. They will be able to address all aspects that affect our wellbeing – such as school attendance, homelessness and fuel poverty – in the round.

‘Using the framework we have published today, local professionals will be able to make real changes to improve health.’

The health secretary also highlighted how public health has already started to change, thanks to the Responsibility Deal.

Now, people on the high street can be reassured that artificial trans fats are not lurking in their food from many outlets such as Greggs, Costa or McDonald’s.

In supermarkets, people will know a lot of the food going into their basket will have less salt in. And customers will know that when they eat out at popular high street restaurants this year over a third of meals and takeaways will have their calories labelled, helping people to opt for the healthier options.

Andrew Lansley added: ‘The Responsibility Deal has led to real changes for everyone and we can now see these in our everyday life – on our high street, in our supermarkets and at work, too.

‘People might not realise that these changes are down to the Responsibility Deal but we can now see that it is helping people to live healthier lives.’

^1327276800^4797^Cash incentive for tooth decay crac…^Preventing cancer, cutting tooth decay in children and the population weighing less, are some of the challenges local councils will be able …^
Anonymous website posts upset dentists^

The British Dental Association (BDA) has appealed to NHS Choices to consider the way that comments about dental practices posted on its site are moderated.

The appeal has been made following feedback from a number of BDA members about the way that the site allows serious but unsubstantiated allegations to be made about practitioners anonymously and the often-slow process for moderating inappropriate comments.

The BDA is also concerned that many primary care trusts appear to be retaining the editing rights for practice profiles on the website.

This is despite previous assurances that the ability to edit would be opened up to practices as the feedback functionality on the site was rolled out.

Dr John Milne, Chair of the BDA’s General Dental Practice Committee, said:

“Dentists have very reasonable concerns about the way that malicious or even fictitious feedback can be given anonymously via the NHS Choices website. We’re asking NHS Choices to take those concerns on board and act to ensure that this facility isn’t abused and that the way the site is moderated and edited is fair and efficient.

“Feedback is extremely valuable to dental practices because it helps to drive improvements for patients and dentists therefore welcome constructive comments from their patients. But malicious unattributed comments from individuals who may not even be patients at a practice are not only unhelpful, but could also be damaging. In seeking to achieve the very laudable aim of promoting patient choice, we must be careful not to unfairly sacrifice the reputations of clinicians. The issues the BDA is raising will help to ensure that dentists are treated fairly.”

^1327276800^4798^Anonymous website posts upset denti…^The British Dental Association (BDA) has appealed to NHS Choices to consider the way that comments about dental practices posted on its site…^
Dentistry focus: In the running^

Enhance Dental Spa is a private practice based in Ely, Cambridgeshire, and offers general and family dentistry, all cosmetic dentistry, facial rejuvenation, adult orthodontics and implants.

Nine months ago, the practice also became an official Under Armour Performance Mouthwear provider and encouraged one of its own staff members to be the first to try out the service.

‘I’ve been wearing it ever since then for speed training, hill training – it’s part of the running kit now!’

Abigail Sinclair-Lord is the practice manager of Enhance Dental and has worked there since it opened in June 2008.

‘We decided to become customised Under Armour Performance Mouthwear providers after our principal Dr Lau Berraondo saw Bite Tech at a dentistry show,’ she says.

‘He already knew about them because he’s a fan of Tottenham Hotspur and they use the performance mouthwear products.

‘I think it’s a really good idea to bring mouthwear into the practice and offer the service to patients. We’ve got a private school nearby and they play rugby and other sports. In fact, there’s a lot of rugby in general in the area, as well as plenty of sports clubs and these teams hold great potential to develop the product and gain new patients.’

Once Enhance Dental became an authorised provider, the practice received a trial unit. Luckily, the practice’s head dental nurse Felicity Chivers is a keen runner and well known in the community.

‘Felicity runs a lot of marathons,’ says Abigail.

‘She’s done the London Marathon and most recently completed the Copenhagen Marathon. It made sense to ask her to trial the performance mouthwear for us.’

Felicity has worked at Enhance Dental for the past two years and been running regularly for about eight years.

She says: ‘It started off as a way to get fit and then I decided to enter the London Marathon. After that I got the bug! I had needed an aim, a specific goal to keep motivated, rather than just training to lose weight.’

For the first few years of marathon running, Felicity enjoyed the fun aspect of it as well as the fitness.

‘When I very first started, I did it for charity. We used to raise money for children with leukaemia. As the years went on, I improved and I qualified as an automatic entry to the marathons, so I no longer needed to do fundraising in order to get a place.’

Felicity continued to improve and then completed a couple of London Marathons in good times, so she decided to try and break the 3.15 in order to qualify as an ‘elite’ lady.

‘I’ve been chasing that goal for past five years. The closest I’ve got is 3.16.35 and that was during the Australian Gold Coast Marathon. I’ve got so close to my goal. I train hard, I’m strict with myself and I read the relevant literature. I want to get that edge to qualify as an elite, I’ll try anything with my training.’

Having never tried performance mouthwear before, Felicity didn’t know what to expect.

She says: ‘I went for this completely open minded about it but obviously I’ve got that goal of the 3.15, I was prepared to try anything.’

Now Felicity uses a non-contact mouthpiece during her training and while running marathons.

‘I started using the mouthpiece at the beginning of September 2011 and then during a race that was on the following month. I’ve been wearing it ever since then for speed training, hill training – it’s part of the running kit now!’

A non-contact mouthpiece works differently to protective mouthwear. It covers the lower teeth and prevents the teeth from meeting, relaxing the jaw and preventing the release of lactic acid and the stress hormone, cortisol.

‘Normally, during 30-35k runs, I’d be clenching my jaw through fatigue,’ says Felicity. ‘But because I’m unable to clench like that now, I don’t get the soreness in my jaw. As for my muscles and recovery the next day, I have noticed a real difference, so I’m going to keep wearing it and see how it goes.”

Less tension in the muscles is not the only benefit Felicity has noticed in her experience. “I do find that when I’ve got the Under Armour mouthwear in, I focus. During the race in October I was much more focused. I’ve also noticed the difference when speed training. I get very tense, going as hard as I can and, wearing the mouthpiece, I’m really focused. It definitely helps.’

Felicity trains with a local group of runners and usually talks while she runs, as it’s a very social atmosphere. Her fellow runners were convinced that the mouthwear would soon put a stop to that, but, as Felicity says, ‘It’s really comfortable to wear. In fact, I couldn’t really tell I was wearing it. I can take in my gels when running, and I can still talk with it – I do like a chat as we go! You can’t see it or anything.”’

Felicity is a good ambassador for the performance mouthwear service for Enhance Dental. ‘She’s well known in the community,” says Abigail, ‘and a good person to have on board with this. She’s been in the local newspaper a lot, she’s a member of a local athletics club and she’s very dedicated to her running. If people are interested they can ask her.’
The practice is using another effective marketing technique to encourage people to try out the mouthwear. ‘We’ve got a special offer where the first ten people to make an order will get it at a discounted rate. Once a few people have tried them out, it’ll pick up from there. They’ll tell their friends, family, other athletes and work colleagues. We will market the service, but word of mouth is best.’

There are clubs and associations all over the UK catering for all sporting disciplines such as rugby, football, golf and athletics. With the upcoming London Olympics 2012, there has never been a better time to get involved as an Authorised Provider of Under Armour Performance Mouthwear.

‘We’re planning on getting into sports clubs and generating interest,’ says Abigail. ‘The products are getting more well known and a lot of famous sportsmen are using them.’

Speaking from an athlete’s point of view, Felicity has the last word, saying: ‘I’m definitely going to stick with Under Armour Performance Mouthwear for the future, it’s part of my training for the next London Marathon. I’d definitely recommend trying it.’

For more information on how your patients can benefit from Under Armour Performance MouthwearTM go to www.bitetech.com, call Nuview on 01453 872266 or email [email protected]


^1327276800^4799^Dentistry focus: In the running^Enhance Dental Spa is a private practice based in Ely, Cambridgeshire, and offers general and family dentistry, all cosmetic dentistry, faci…^
New event targets young dentists^

Independent Seminars, in association with The Young Dentist Foundation, introduces How to succeed in high street dentistry.

It’s the first of a new series of annual events, helping you to maximise your career potential. Join various world-class, motivational speakers for what promises to be an inspirational day.

Delegates will benefit from a high quality, innovative and entertaining day specifically designed for dentists wanting to develop their skills across many areas, such as leadership skills and structuring a successful career path.

This will also be a fundamental learning curve for all those in the early stages of their career who are seeking expert advice in the profession. Independent Seminars will be presenting the best speakers in the field to ensure you gain this.

Moreover, all delegates will be invited to a fantastic graduation after party with celebratory drinks and canapés providing the ideal opportunity to network and socialise with like-minded people!

An incredible line-up
Chairman of the event visionary dentist, Arjun Kachhala will open the show, welcoming delegates to this world-class event. The first-rate speaker line-up includes: Rahul and Bhavna Doshi, Anoup Nandra, Arun Mehra, Adam Hampson, Matthew Perkins, Mark Oborn and James Pritchard.

Topics covered will include: the simple steps to a successful, fulfilled and profitable career in dentistry, how to use social media and online marketing in a dental practice, which will include social media strategy, how to buy and set up a practice, how to structure a successful career path and to develop leadership & management skills plus much, much more!

Extra perks

• Special introductory offer: all delegates will receive one year’s free membership to The Young Dentist Foundation valued at £75!

• A voucher entitling you to a free copy of The Young Dentists Handbook 2012 (which will be published in September 2012)

• Graduation after party with celebratory drinks and canapés provided

Book your place for this must attend event now at www.independentseminars.com, www.youngdentist.co.uk or call 0800 371652.

How to succeed in High Street Dentistry
Friday 20 April 2012
St John’s Hotel, Solihull
Price £149+VAT – This includes annual membership to The Young Dentist Foundation valued at £75!

Supported by:


^1327276800^4800^New event targets young dentists^Independent Seminars, in association with The Young Dentist Foundation, introduces How to succeed in high street dentistry.It’s the first of…^
Pain-free dental tool step nearer to market^

A pain-free alternative to dental fillings is being tested on human patients – and its creators reckon it could be sold on the dental market soon.

University of Missouri engineers and their research collaborators at Nanova, Inc. are one step closer to a painless way to replace fillings.

After favourable results in the lab, human clinical trials are underway on the ‘plasma brush’.

Chief scientist Meng Chen says he expects human clinical trials to begin in early 2012 at the University of Tennessee’s Memphis campus.

He is chief scientist for Nanova Inc., a company formed by several professors that shares a patent on the new technology with the university.

The plasma brush use chemical reactions to disinfect and clean out cavities for fillings within 30 seconds.


The research team
hopes the technology
will allow dentists and
patients to reduce the
number and costs of
replacement fillings as
well as decrease the
need for patients to
have teeth pulled after
repeated fillings.

The team believes the
‘plasma brush’ could
take some of the pain,
noise and expense out
of getting a filling.


Its developers say the plasma brush painlessly disinfects and cleans a cavity before filling a tooth in less than 30 seconds,

It uses a ‘cool flame’ that strengthens the bond for a longer-lasting filling, which reduces the chance of losing a tooth as the result of a filling being repeatedly replaced.

The research team hopes the plasma brush will make getting a filling a more comfortable experience.

Although the procedure is painless and relatively quiet, dentists may still need to use a drill to assist in the filling process, said Meng Chen.

Hao Li, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering in the MU College of Engineering, said that 200 million fillings cost Americans an estimated $50 billion a year, and he estimates that replacement fillings make up 75% of a dentist’s work.

The plasma brush developers hope their invention will reduce those costs. A tooth can only support two or three fillings before it must be pulled, Li said.

Human clinical trials are expected to begin in early 2012 at the University of Tennessee-Memphis.

The researchers believe the human clinical trials will provide the data that allow Nanova to find investors and take the next steps in placing the product on the market.

If the studies go well and the FDA approves, the researchers’ timeline indicates the plasma brush could be available to dentists as early as the end of 2013.

^1327363200^4801^Pain-free dental tool step nearer t…^A pain-free alternative to dental fillings is being tested on human patients – and its creators reckon it could be sold on the dental …^
Excitement builds for Dentistry Live^

This May, the World Aesthetic Congress is expanding to offer a world-class dental symposium that’s bigger and better than any dental event seen before in the UK.

There’s huge interest for Dentistry Live – and event that offers a prime opportunity to expand your knowledge alongside some of the world’s highest profile practitioners and industry experts.

There is an incredible buzz surrounding this exciting new event, and Independent Seminars is delighted to have more than 40 of the finest international speakers on board – and from all aspects of dentistry.

They include: Raymond Bertolotti, Bob Khanna, Eric Van Dooren, Bill Robbins, Stanley Malamed, Trent Smallwood, Simon Cunnington, Gary Zelesky, Jo-Anne Jones and Mhari Coxon… to name a few!

In addition to these leading speakers, Dentistry Live boasts a world-class clinical and management programme, live demonstrations, interactive hands-on sessions and a champagne reception with catering by Leith’s. Dentistry Live will have more than 40 sessions to choose from including: implants, aesthetics, dental hygiene and therapy, endodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, dental marketing and business plus much more!

There will also be an incredible exhibition open across the two days with the world’s most innovative dental companies all under one roof.

It’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the chance to source the right products and services for your practice and enjoy exclusive show offers!

We have some great ticket offers, with many practices taking advantage of the group offer: any three practice members can attend for just £1,185+VAT (standard Dentist price is £495+VAT) saving you up to £300! Also on offer, pay just £99+VAT to secure your place (The remainder of the cost will then be payable in monthly instalments. Please call for details).

Certain to be the most comprehensive, dynamic dental congress ever, Dentistry Live, incorporating the World Aesthetic Congress is the one event you cannot afford to miss!

Book your place today for this unmissable event! Call 0800 371652 or visit www.dentistrylive.co.uk for more information.

^1327363200^4802^Excitement builds for Dentistry Liv…^This May, the World Aesthetic Congress is expanding to offer a world-class dental symposium that’s bigger and better than any dental e…^
New drive to stamp out illegal dentistry^

A campaign has been launched to crack down on the growing scourge of illegal dentistry across the UK.

The British Association of Clinical Dental Technology (BACDT) has created a website – www.dentureprofessionals.org – which allows consumers to find a clinical dental technician who is registered with the General Dental Council.

Unless a CDT is registered with the GDC, they are not permitted to provide dentures directly to the public.

However, there are a rising number of cases of dental technicians – as opposed to clinical dental technicians – breaching the GDC’s regulations.

Dental technicians are not registered to provide dentures to consumers or work independently in a clinic.

Barrie Semp, a member of the BACDT board and owner of leading denture clinic The Smile Centre, said: ‘The BACDT has become increasingly concerned about the rise in illegal dentistry and the website we have launched is aimed at helping to stamp out the problem.

‘Our profession has very clear rules which state that only properly registered clinical dental technicians are able to consult patients and provide members of the public with dentures.

‘Dental technicians, while qualified, are usually based in dental laboratories or, with further training, permitted to assist CDTs or dentists.’

A Devon man recently pleaded guilty to carrying out illegal dentistry practices. Stephen Sickelmore was found to be running an illegal denture fitting and supply business from his home in Dawlish following an investigation by Devon County Council’s Trading Standards officers.

Roger Croad, a Devon County Council cabinet member, said: ‘The law protects patients by putting a strict duty of care on dental care professionals to be suitably qualified and medically competent before they can treat a patient.’

Anyone considering using the services of a Clinical Dental Technician, should visit the BACDT’s website – www.dentureprofessionals.org – and can also verify their choice of CDT by visiting the GDC’s website at www.gdc-uk.org.

^1327363200^4803^New drive to stamp out illegal dent…^A campaign has been launched to crack down on the growing scourge of illegal dentistry across the UK.The British Association of Clinical Den…^
Cuts to dentistry budget are ‘wholly unacceptable’^

Cuts proposed last year to the Northern Ireland dental budget have been branded ‘wholly unacceptable’ by the British Dental Association (BDA).

Claudette Christie, director of the BDA in Northern Ireland, warned that the plan came at a time when the need for NHS care was more pronounced than ever.

She said: The demand for dental care provided by the health service is at an unprecedented level with 1.1 million people in Northern Ireland now registered by the health service with a dentist.

‘This is an increase of 18% over a 12-month period. Patient care is the priority of dentists, with dentists working really hard to meet the oral health needs of such a number of patients.

‘This commitment to patients from their dentists must be matched by the same commitment from Government to the health service and how it delivers dental care.’

In December the Health Minister announced plans to remove up to £6m from the NHS dental budget. The measures include reducing the amount of treatments available and changing the criteria for receiving orthodontic treatment.


^1327363200^4804^Cuts to dentistry budget are ‘wholl…^Cuts proposed last year to the Northern Ireland dental budget have been branded ‘wholly unacceptable’ by the British Dental Associatio…^http://dev.dentistry.co.uk/sites/all/themes/dentistry/images/news_images/Claudette-Christie.jpg
Concern over teenagers’ dental health ^

Northern Irish teens have some of the least healthy teeth in Europe, according to research by Queen’s University Belfast.

The study also suggests that Northern Irish oral health is linked to wealth. Rich teenagers were more likely to receive aesthetic and orthodontic treatments. Poorer teens were twice as likely to suffer permanent tooth damage.

The Department of Health (DH) published a dental health strategy five years ago. But the British Dental Association (BDA) does not feel that the government has made any significant headway in implementation.

Peter Crooks, chairman of the BDA’s Northern Ireland Dental Practice Committee, said: ‘The BDA has been talking with the Department of Health for the past five years and there seems to be very little progress in this. Our young people throughout the country need to have better dental health.’

Northern Ireland’s Chief Dental Officer, Donnocha O’Carolan admitted that the levels of oral health in Ireland were ‘poor’, but insisted that the DH has been ‘extremely proactive’ about reducing decay levels in the last five or six years.

‘There are three main things we need to do,’ he said. ‘One is to get fluoride onto the children’s teeth. The second is to put fissure sealants on their adult teeth when they erupt to protect them and the third thing is to improve the diet.

‘We have had fluoride toothpaste schemes throughout the most deprived areas in Northern Ireland running since 2005 and we have noticed a decline in the number of extractions and fillings.’


^1327363200^4805^Concern over teenagers’ dental he…^Northern Irish teens have some of the least healthy teeth in Europe, according to research by Queen’s University Belfast.The study also sugg…^
Cork named ‘healthy city’ by World Health Organisation^

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has officially added Cork to its list of ‘Healthy Cities’.

The announcement sees Cork join the other Irish cities – Belfast, Galway and Waterford – that are already on the list. The WHO programme is an attempt to put health higher on the agendas of local governments, aiming to get them to prioritise health issues. Only cities that are ‘conscious of health and strive to improve it’ make it into the WHO Healthy Cities Network.

Pat Healy, regional director of operations for the HSE South, said: ‘The HSE welcomes the designation of Cork as a World Health Organisation Healthy City and we are delighted to be an integral part of the development of the city as a healthy place to live and work. We fully support the Healthy Cities concept as the most effective way to promote health for the citizens of Cork city.’

Cllr Terry Shannon, Lord Mayor of Cork, said: ‘The Healthy City initiative will bring all the key stakeholders together to look at ways in which to make Cork a healthier place to live, be it through better urban design or the promotion of healthy lifestyles within the city. It will guide the development of a plan to make Cork a more healthy place in which live, work and play.’

Copenhagen in Denmark and Nantes in France were also classified as healthy cities at the same time as Cork.


^1327363200^4806^Cork named ‘healthy city’ by Wo…^The World Health Organisation (WHO) has officially added Cork to its list of ‘Healthy Cities’.The announcement sees Cork join the othe…^
Dental company supports charity students^

The relationship between Henry Schein Minerva and dental charity Bridge2Aid continues to flourish as their desire to create the ultimate student elective programme got off to a fantastic start at the end of 2011.

Committed to supporting Bridge2Aid and further developing the skills of the dental students, Henry Schein Minerva provided the first four King’s College London students with grants to help fund their travel to Tanzania under Bridge2Aid’s pilot student elective programme.

Such generosity enabled the students to spend ten days working alongside Bridge2Aid to experience life and learn about oral healthcare services in Tanzania whilst gaining an understanding of the roles and responsibilities required when working in developing countries.

Part of the students’ project involved carrying out a ‘Satisfaction Survey’, interviewing 150 patients on the quality of service and dental treatment provided by the local health workers trained by Bridge2Aid.

Student Miriam Bouchiba commented: ‘It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to work in the villages with the local people.

‘Despite the challenges of carrying out the survey in the heat, it was motivating to discover where improvement is needed. Without the grant, I wouldn’t have been able to afford this remarkable experience and I’m grateful to Bridge2Aid and Henry Schein Minerva for their support.’

For more information about the next Henry Schein Minerva & Bridge2Aid student elective programme call Anna Hurst on 01622 656811.



^1327449600^4807^Dental company supports charity stu…^The relationship between Henry Schein Minerva and dental charity Bridge2Aid continues to flourish as their desire to create the ultimate stu…^
Dental technician on African lab mission^

A clinical dental technician is off to Africa on a mission to set up a dental lab.

BACDT and denture professionals member, Mark Melbourne, of Nottingham’s Melbourne Dentures is on his way to Uganda to help set up a prosthetic dental laboratory within a new dental clinic created by Christian Relief Uganda.

The trip has been arranged by Dentaid and Christian Relief Uganda and is the first time the charities have worked with a clinical dental technician (CDT).

Speaking about the trip, Mark said: ‘This trip is about helping Ugandan dentists make dentures and being able to help treat patients.

‘I hope to make 10-20 dentures while over there and leave the systems in place so they are self sufficient and can continue to provide dentures.

‘I will also be lecturing at Malago Dental School, which just opened in late 2011, on partial denture design, to help push forward the idea of well constructed hygienic partial dentures.’

Mark has also put out an appeal for ‘any old worn-out equipment such as teeth, waxes and so on that I can use to set up a basic prosthetic lab.

‘I’m taking some stuff, but the more I can take the better!’

Mark leaves for Uganda at the end of February, and is due to arrive there on the 24th. He will begin with orientation sessions in Kampala, the country’s capital, before travelling to Malago Dental School for a day of lecturing, followed by several days spent at rural dental clinics.

Mark, in conjunction with Dentaid and Christian Relief Uganda, is asking for donations of money and equipment.

Any money donated will only be used for equipment and materials, no cash will be spent on travel expenses.

You can donate to Mark and Christian Relief Uganda using JustGiving; just visit Mark’s JustGiving page (www.justgiving.com/Mark-Melbourne).

Any donations of equipment should be sent to: Melbourne Dental, 1B Wood Street, Eastwood, Nottingham, NG16 3DD.



^1327449600^4808^Dental technician on African lab mi…^A clinical dental technician is off to Africa on a mission to set up a dental lab.BACDT and denture professionals member, Mark Melbourne, of…^
New dental corporate will break the mould^

Dental business guru, Chris Barrow, and corporate owner, Dr Al Kwong Hing, are launching a new dental business corporate in March.

The launch of BKH Healthcare takes place at The Dentistry Show 2012 on Friday 2 March.

Chris Barrow has been a consultant to the dental profession for 16 years.

In the last 10 years, he has worked as a director at Integrated Dental Holdings and as a non-executive director of several other corporate companies.

In July 2010, he joined forces with existing corporate owner Dr Al Kwong Hing and together they have developed BKH Holdings which consists of seven branches.

Chris said: ‘There are two points that will differentiate BKH Healthcare in the marketplace.

‘Firstly, it is our belief that people who are existing stakeholders in a business will deliver a higher level of performance and behaviour as opposed to non-stakeholders.

‘We do not want the business to be primarily owned by an investment institution and the aim of BKH Healthcare is for it to be a stakeholder-led business.

‘Secondly, we are completely focused on a win, win, win situation which means that patients, individual team members within the business and the owners themselves all benefit from their involvement with us.

‘The term dental corporate in the UK has had bad press in recent years, with overwhelming feedback from people both inside and outside of existing corporates tending towards the negative.  There seems to be a notion of putting profit before people and, in the last 15 years, corporates have been around, their reputation has been marred.

‘BKH Healthcare aims to create a vibe which will mean that people will want to work for us. The idea is to be commercial but also fun, fair and exciting, creating a place where everyone can realise their full potential.

‘It is not merely a case of suggesting that people are more important than profit, rather that people and profits have equal standing within the organisation.’

BKH Healthcare will be launched by Chris Barrow and Dr Al Kwong Hing at The Dentistry Show 2012 on Friday 2 March at 2pm, Stand B3.

For more information about BKH, call 0161 820 5466 or email Alan at [email protected], Chris at [email protected] or visit www.bkh.co.uk.

^1327449600^4809^New dental corporate will break the…^Dental business guru, Chris Barrow, and corporate owner, Dr Al Kwong Hing, are launching a new dental business corporate in March.   T…^
Gift voucher offer with dental journal subscription^

Private Dentistry offers superior business and clinical articles written by some of the world’s leading dental experts as well as a behind the scenes look at life in private practice.

With every issue, the latest products and techniques will be featured, keeping you up-to-date in the ever-evolving dental world!

Furthermore, you will benefit from clinical articles, enlightening private life interviews with those succeeding in private dentistry, expert advice on how to market your practice, keep your team motivated and increase revenues, plus much, much more!

Don’t miss out on the special features, some of which include:

• The annual Private Dentistry Elite 20 poll
• How I did it
• Readers’ top tips
• My favourite things
• As well as all the latest on the prestigious Private Dentistry Awards.

Plus, a subscription to Private Dentistry magazine will make you eligible to enter for an award yourself!

And if this is not incentive enough, when you subscribe to this indispensable guide to private practice for 3 years (3 year subscription costs £259) you will be treated to a £50 gift voucher from either John Lewis or iTunes! Take your pick!

A subscription to Private Dentistry includes 11 issues per year along with 22 verifiable CPD hours.

Subscribers also save 10% on Independent Seminars events, providing dental education at its best.

Already a subscriber?
Why not refer a friend and claim your free £50 gift voucher?

(This is applicable with a subscription for 3 years at the discounted rate of £259)

Call our customer services team today on 01923 851771 or visit www.privatedentistry.co.uk.

Quote ‘PD50’ or ‘PD50 Ref’ for refer a friend, offer ends 31 March 2012.

Follow @ThePDMag on Twitter and find Private Dentistry on Facebook.

^1327536000^4810^Gift voucher offer with dental jour…^Private Dentistry offers superior business and clinical articles written by some of the world’s leading dental experts as well as a be…^
Halitosis – the elephant in the room^

January’s issue of Dental Hygiene & Therapy, is focusing on halitosis in The Big Issue section with four very different approaches to this most sensitive of dental conditions.

Also in the January issue (out next week):

• Reflective learning – what it is and how it can work for you
• The NEW Chillout Zone – two pages of fun facts, trivia and puzzles
• Positive hypnotic language – how this can be a powerful persuasive tool
• 30 Seconds with BADT president Bal Chana
• The BSDHT Oral Health Conference in pictures
• Hygiene in orthodontics
• Legal advice
• Yoga moves
• Xylitol and a muffin recipe
• Periodontal regeneration
• And much, much more…

To subscribe, email [email protected] or call the team on 01923 851771.

1 year (8 issues) – £95

3 years (24 issues) – £215

5 years (40 issues) – £299


Follow @JulesBiscuit on Twitter and find Dental Hygiene & Therapy on Facebook.


^1327536000^4813^Halitosis – the elephant in the r…^January’s issue of Dental Hygiene & Therapy, is focusing on halitosis in The Big Issue section with four very different approaches to …^
Dig deep for dental photos, dentists asked^

Dentists are being asked to dig into their archives for clinical photos.

The British Dental Health Foundation is appealing to dental practices and oral health educators across the UK to dig out and send it any archive photos to help them produce and improve the charity’s range of educational resources.

Karen Coates, dental advisor for the Foundation, said: ‘We are searching for any dental photography featuring your patient and their mouths.

‘Any images which demonstrate a number of oral health conditions eg: gum disease, dental erosion, decay and dry mouth. In addition, we are also looking for pictures of children’s and teen’s mouths and teeth – our list is long but we’ll really appreciate any help in which you could give us!

She added: ‘Any pictures you send into us will help to produce our flip guides, posters, wallcharts, facts cards and Tell Me About range, which are seen in thousands of practices every year.

‘Of course, any images we do use, we’ll make sure that you’re fully informed and get the credit and acknowledgement you deserve as a key source.’

If any practice can assist in collecting these clinical photographs, call Karen on 01788 539784 or email [email protected].




^1327536000^4811^Dig deep for dental photos, dentist…^Dentists are being asked to dig into their archives for clinical photos.The British Dental Health Foundation is appealing to dental practic…^
New dental education centre opens^

Queensway Dental Clinic in Billingham has officially opened its new Education Centre after substantial investment and growth from the company throughout 2011.

The creation of the new Education Centre is in direct response to an increased demand for a regional training facility, which corresponded with Queensway’s plans to enhance its events programme, training days and postgraduate offerings.

Housed in its own building located close to the practice, the Centre can accommodate 30 delegates and is equipped to cater for a diverse range of courses and lectures.

The practice will work closely with several industry experts, including Warwick University with whom they will deliver courses such as the General Implant Forum and Training (GIFT) as part of the University’s MSc in Implant Dentistry, as well as Nobel Biocare with Dr Ian Lane from Queensway delivering their training days in the North East.

The Clinic is also certified to deliver the National Accreditation Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN) qualifications for Dental Sedation Nursing, Dental Radiography and Oral Health Education, which is open to all dental nurses across the region.

Numerous courses have already been confirmed for the year, including the first event, which is being held to update dentists in the region of current concepts in primary care sedation.

A Queensway lecture series will be launched later in the year, with a number of lectures running throughout 2012 on topics including oral surgery, orthodontics, endodontics and periodontics.

Further training events will be announced on the Clinic’s website throughout the year.

The Education Centre follows a year of development into the clinic, which included the investment of £100,000 for a new laboratory, as well as the introduction of new treatments including periodontics, endodontics, facial aesthetics and all-on-4 same day dental implants, among other services.

Paul Averley, partner at Queensway Dental Clinic said: We are thrilled to open the Education Centre, which marks the start of yet another exciting year following the considerable progress made in 2011.

‘Our training days have always proved popular and we required more space to accommodate the growing demand, so the new centre was a logical step and natural expansion for the practice. We have invested £40,000 into the Centre, which will ensure we can provide the latest technology, in order to be able to teach to the highest standards.

‘Not only is the new Centre a great investment and resource for the dental industry, it also reinforces our commitment to the ongoing regeneration of Billingham and the growth of the business community in the town.’

Queensway Dental Clinic is an award-winning practice based in Billingham, which provides comprehensive dentistry services for NHS and private patients, as well as an extensive range of cosmetic dental treatments.

The practice also treats referred patients from dental practices throughout the North East often for complex procedures including sedation for anxious patients, specialist orthodontics and specialist oral surgery.


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