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The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) aims to provide its members with the best possible service and insight into all aspects of the profession, and a large part of this is done by assessing market trends and feeding this information back to dentists so that they are better able to tailor their businesses to today’s market.

In 2007, the BACD carried out a comprehensive survey of the British public to determine trends within cosmetic dentistry.

It was found that 32% of the population are ‘concerned by the look of their teeth’ and that many aspire to the ‘Hollywood ideal’ personified by celebrities such as Kylie Minogue.

The survey was a great help to practitioners, revealing that 53% of people polled visited their dentist regularly and 27% believed that cosmetic dentistry can improve one’s quality of life.

This year, the BACD is asking practitioners themselves to complete a survey, so that it can analyse professionals’ views of the current market based on actual treatment trends. By analysing these current trends, the BACD hopes to provide an overview of where cosmetic dentistry is heading and what the future is likely to hold.

With the recession showing little sign of abating, practitioners are becoming increasingly concerned about their bottom line – but how will the poor economy be reflected in business trends, given the rising popularity of cosmetic dentistry evidenced by the 2007 survey? Further to this, will the introduction of CQC regulations have had an affect on the number of dentists now practising, or the services they are able to offer?

While a survey of the public can reveal what types of procedures the population would like to receive, the question will always remain whether these ‘wants’ are translating into actual treatment. There has been speculation in the media that low-cost treatments can make cosmetic dentistry available to more people, but with the recession affecting virtually every sector, can the public afford treatments even now?

As a practitioner, you are ideally placed to help the BACD build a picture of current trends in dentistry, and by doing so it hopes to build up a countrywide overview of cosmetic dentistry in Britain.

Every practitioner who participates in the BACD survey will be entered into a special prize draw to win one Coltene Whaledent Miris2 Kit and one Componeer kit.

Remember, by giving your perspective on current trends in dentistry, the BACD can help you and your colleagues understand and take control of your business.

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• For more information, contact the BACD on 0207 612 4166 or email [email protected]


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