Website helps dentists find ‘quality’ labs

The Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme (DAMAS) Club Website has been designed to enable dentists to quickly find dental laboratories that follow a quality management scheme designed specifically for the manufacture of custom-made medical devices.
The DAMAS specification was originally introduced in the mid-1990s as an alternative to ISO Certification for the dental laboratory industry.

With ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, it was felt that both were over prescriptive for the ‘custom-made’ nature of laboratory work and required excessive time and costs over and above a specific laboratory directed system.
All DAMAS laboratories are audited by a third-party assessor once a year to guarantee consistent compliance to the Medical Devices Directive (MDD).

Following the introduction of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspections earlier this year – and the emphasis on using a dental laboratory with a traceable manufacturing process – the DAMAS audit system helps provide both dentists and patients peace of mind when receiving a custom made dental appliance.
The dental laboratory is a fundamental element of the delivery of quality dental care for dentists and patients alike and therefore dentists that choose a DAMAS laboratory will be working alongside a laboratory that is proactive, interested in quality measures and serious about their business.

These laboratories have invested in their business to provide their clients with exceptional levels of service.
The website is full of information on each dental laboratory from services obtainable, types of appliances offered and awards achieved. In addition for your assistance contact details, opening hours and a location map are also available.
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