A mouthwatering experience – perfect oral hydration

Most people are aware that moisturising your skin daily is a way of keeping it healthy and feeling comfortable.

However, it may come as a surprise that similar benefits can also be achieved by moisturising the mouth and gums using products formulated specifically for that purpose.

After all, it is not only teeth that need a little bit of TLC!

OralSeven is a new range of oral care products which include naturally occurring enzymes to give a mouthwatering experience and ensure perfect oral hydration throughout the day and night.

Saliva is important because it not only keeps the mouth moist, but it also contains beneficial enzymes and bacteria which play an important role in the digestive process and a protective role for teeth and gums and helps to prevent bad breath.

Changes in lifestyle and stress, combined with smoking and alcohol consumption, reduces the production of saliva that is necessary to keep the mouth moist.

Increase in the use of medications such as antibiotics also hinders saliva production and the problem is made worse by the use of conventional dental ingredients containing harsh, drying ingredients such as alcohol and SLS.

To keep and maintain a healthy flow of saliva and protect the delicate bio system of the mouth, use OralSeven as part of your daily regime.

Brush each morning and night with OralSeven Toothpaste which is free of harsh drying or foaming detergent (SLS); Sloosh after brushing your teeth with alcohol free OralSeven Mouthwash; and if you want an extra boost use OralSeven Moisturising Mouth Gel at night which soothes, lubricates and protects the mouth and gums for up to seven hours providing an extra benefit for those in need of additional oral hydration.


The OralSeven range is available through independent pharmacies (telephone: 0115 8419795 for stockists) and retails at: OralSeven Toothpaste (75ml) containing fluoride and calcium £6.50 ; Alcohol free OralSeven Mouthwash (250ml) £6.99, 500ml £9.99; OralSeven Gel (48ml) £10.49. All products are sweetened with xylitol)


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