Hygienists and therapists – jewels in the crown

Exploring other avenues for increasing revenue streams and boosts practice profits is simple.

Some practices look away from their core business. The truth is that smart, forward-thinking practices focus on their core business to maximise true potential and create reward.

Virtually every patient visits the hygienist/therapist, and generally spends more time with them than any other team member. They tend to build the strongest relationships, and can be considered business builders.

• Shared vision. All great leaders have a vision that they lay out and communicate with their team. For example, if a practitioner wants to increase the number of implant cases by 20% over three years this information must be shared, understood, planned and measured. There is very little point in having a goal and failing to measure it

• Practice philosophy must also be shared, developed and understood. If every team member knows and understands the ethos it is easier for them to communicate and educate. Failing to develop a foundation leads to negativity and misunderstanding. Ideally, the ethos should be shared throughout; from the new patient examination to hygiene recalls and through to the reception team

• Communication. There are two essential avenues: Patient communication, to ensure the delivery of ultimate patient care, and team communication, through meetings. Commonly, a morning meeting prepares for the day ahead; goals, targets and scheduling are talked about and  any opportunities are discussed. Monthly meetings consider more in-depth issues and opportunities

• The art of closure. A skilled team learns and develop the true art of presenting treatment options, discussing patients’ concerns, and has the ability to effortlessly discuss and arrange finances with patients

• Systems. Measuring and tracking case acceptance and finances are all essential, along with scheduling criteria. A high-performing team knows the scheduling timings, fees and turnaround times to help patients move forward. It is also essential to create and track a hygiene re-care system to ensure patient retention.

Shared visions and goals create harmony and performance. Every team member is an asset in developing seamless dental care.

Planning, sharing and measuring are fundamental elements that increase revenue streams and create a happy workplace.

A treasure chest of key thinking
• Hygienists and therapists are your strongest links with patients and great for building business
• Share you goals with your team – you’re more likely to reach them when everyone knows your thinking
• Set in stone your practice ethos
• Communication with staff and patients is key
• Learn the art of closure with treatment plans
•Measure and track performances
• Plan, share and be happy.

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