Aquafresh is ‘potty’ over recycling

GlaxoSmithKline, the makers of Aquafresh, has teamed up with upcycling company TerraCycle UK to launch the Aquafresh oral care brigade, a recycling fundraiser which encourages schools to collect used toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes to be recycled and upcycled into everyday products.

For every product brought in for recycling, 2p* will be donated to a charity of the school’s choice.
The scheme teaches children about resource conservation, whilst reinforcing good dental hygiene through educational materials on brushing for kids.

The Aquafresh oral care Brigade is open to primary schools, and youth groups such as scout and guiding across the UK who can get involved by signing up at

A major PR campaign – focusing on nationals, educational titles, women’s interest and parenting titles will drive awareness of the scheme and encourage participation.

Rachel Deans, group brand director for Aquafresh, says: ‘The scheme provides a perfect fit for the family friendly Aquafresh brand – which markets both adult and children’s products – engaging primary school students (and their parents!) in a hands on way to get involved in protecting our planet by recycling and reusing.

‘By encouraging good eco-habits at a young age, we can instil a lifelong drive to be more sustainable and responsible and by using familiar packaging like toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes, children can more easily understand the results of their actions.

‘We are delighted to be able to work with TerraCycle as partner in this environmental fundraising campaign. We hope that schools and groups will engage with the scheme to really make a difference to their local environment and raise money for their local communities as well as helping to educate in children’s oral health.’

The scheme works well with the interactive oral care education programme, ‘Brushing Buddies’ launched by the Aquafresh team last year.

Brushing Buddies is designed for children aged three-to-six, and fulfils key elements of the ECM (Every Child Matters) agenda, including health and wellbeing, with the express intention of delivering improved oral care outcomes for children.

Teachers can combine the Brushing Buddies programme with the Aquafresh oral care Brigade scheme to help pupils learn about oral care and take ownership of their tooth brushing, whilst at the same time helping to raise money for their school, group or charity.

Chris Baker, general manager of TerraCycle UK, says: ‘TerraCycle is fully committed to engaging children in learning how to protect their environment and help their local communities in this time of austerity.

‘With the support of a familiar brand like Aquafresh, we are confident that we can reach thousands of schools and make a difference both locally and globally!’

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