Nano water flosser launched at BDA conference

The latest Water Flosser has all the clinical benefits from other lines in the Water Flosser range with a more compact, ergonomic design, and powers from a shaver socket.
Water Flosser enjoys a reputation for excellence, having been proven to be twice as effective as traditional string floss at improving periodontal health. Now patients can benefit from the efficiency and performance of the Water Flosser in a new, compact design.
Designed specifically for the UK market, the Nano™ Water Flosser is smaller and more compact than previous models and is the first Water Flosser designed to power from a shaver socket.
The Nano™ Water Flosser is ideal for cleaning hard to reach areas, as it works  both interdentally and subgingivally, and is packed with time saving and user-friendly features such as:
Powers from a shaver socket
Space saving design allows for easy storage
3 pressure settings, so that patients can adjust it to suit their level of sensitivity
2 different tips: the Classic Jet Tip and the Plaque Seeker® Tip for additional plaque removal in hard to reach areas
For patients who want effective plaque biofilm removal and reduced gingival bleeding, the Waterpik® Nano™ Water Flosser is the ideal solution. 
Waterpik® Nano™ Water Flosser is widely available in Boots stores priced at £49.99 or at Professional Discounted prices via UK Dental Wholesalers.

To learn more about Waterpik Nano™ and the other products in the Waterpik® Range go to

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