A major help in identifying caries

With more than 30 years of experience in the UK dental market, Clark Dental is well-placed to provide dental care workers with a comprehensive range of affordable clinical equipment to assist them in their everyday practice.
With preventive and primary oral healthcare continuing to be an important focus, identifying caries before they turn into more serious problems is a major help to both practitioners and patients, especially nervous ones.
Now, Clark is able to offer dental care professionals an innovative means of identifying and keeping track of carious teeth at an early stage, thanks to the CarieScan PRO.
Simple to use and offering extremely accurate readings, the CarieScan PRO™ can detect early carious lesions not readily visible to the naked eye and before they can be detected on a radiograph, enabling early intervention and reducing the need for invasive treatments. 
Employing AC Impedance Spectroscopy (ACIST) to determine the changes in tooth mineral density, the CarieScan PRO™ is safer to use than x-rays, allowing for frequent monitoring.

In addition, the readings are unaffected by stain or toothdiscolouration, minimising the risk of false positive results.

Studies show CarieScan PRO to be 92.5% accurate at determining both carious and healthy teeth.
Patients will love its painfree methods, while practitioners will appreciate its straightforward, user-friendly operation and sterile disposable sensors.
Cut down on X-rays and increase nervous patient attendance with the CarieScan PRO – another practical dental solution from Clark Dental.
For more information on cutting-edge equipment solutions, please call Clark Dental on 01268 733 146 or email [email protected]

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