Love not smoking… Do something different

For the would-be non-smoker there is no shortage of books on the market offering to help them kick the habit once and for all.

So why another one? What Love Not Smoking offers is a simple, effective, six week programme that guides the reader into being smoke free for good without beating them over the head with a sharp implement every time they reach for a packet of fags!

Love Not Smoking‘s philosophy really is all about motivating the smoker to quit so they can realise that they’ll love not smoking.’

The book helps them to love not smoking, by putting lots more back into their life and filling the gap left when you take out the nicotine habit.


It is also about love for your family and friend when they are smoking – whether it’s the wife of a smoker who is worried about her husband’s health, the son of a smoker who doesn’t want to lose a parent or the girlfriend who loves her smoker boyfriend but hates him smoking.

At the end of the day it’s really about loving yourself enough or someone else enough that you or they try applying the author’s powerful methods of doing something different.

Love Not Smoking doesn’t preach or lecture the reader about how much they’ve smoked in the past or why they should be giving up now. Its unique approach is more holistic in its outlook and treats the individual’s psychology and their behaviours, not just their habit.

The authors’ tools and techniques are based on groundbreaking research about why people get trapped or stuck with particular habits and then enable them to break free. In the book you’ll see how just disrupting the regular habit web (i.e. do you always have a cigarette after a coffee or straight after a meal) will make quitting easier. You’ll change a space at home (or work or even your car), one where you used to smoke into a No Smoking zone, thereby removing one environmental trigger.

You’ll be doing something different! Forget willpower and withdrawal – or even the band aid that is the nicotine patch – with this powerful method you’ll break the cycle and pattern of smoking. And we guarantee you’ll love not smoking!

Professors Ben (C) Fletcher and Karen Pine are both professors of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire and have pioneered successful behaviour change techniques for a range of applications. Their research is internationally recognised and has been published in academic journals and presented at conferences worldwide. Their Do something Different technique which is at the core of this book has been used successfully to help people lose weight, tackle stress and improve health and wellbeing.

Love Not Smoking Published 9 March 2011 ( No Smoking Day) £8.99

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