Turn back the clock on receding gums

Beat the recession with a miracle new anti-ageing treatment taking the dental world by storm. AlloDerm is a regenerative donated tissue matrix promsies to cure gum recession for good.

Receding gums continue to affect both men and women of all ages across the world. Until now, this painful, unattractive, and common dental taboo was untreatable; a disorder that has robbed many of the ability to smile, laugh or even eat comfortably.


At No.1 Harley Street, cosmetic dentist, Dr Simon Darfoor is introducing into the UK the miraculous AlloDerm treatment that turns back the clock on gum recession and will restore any smile.

Caused by overzealous tooth brushing and periodontal disease, gum tissue is often eroded, exposing roots that are both unattractive and painful, in particular when subject to temperature change.


Gum recession could historically only be treated by attempting to maintain the remaining tissue through a stringent oral hygiene programme; a problem that has left dentists at a loss on what to do next.


The condition could not be reversed until now, leaving patients with unattractive gaps in between their teeth and the resulting cosmetic impact on their smile.



Above: Before and after treatment


This, in turn, could lead to a loss of self-confidence and other psychological problems. In addition to the cosmetic implications, receding gums can also result in a much greater risk of infection of the gums and teeth.

Dr Darfoor says: ‘The launch of an AlloDerm product for the treatment of receding gums is a truly major breakthrough at both cosmetic and wider health levels. Receding gums have traditionally been an unpleasant sign of overbrushing or ageing but now patients who suffer from this condition can restore their original smile without the unsightly gaps, while at the same time protecting their teeth from a greater risk of disease and sensitivity.


‘Because this is a new application of an existing tried and tested regeneration product, we know it will work and has done on many of my patients.’

Developed by the US bio-chemical group LifeCell Corporation, AlloDerm is a form of donated human tissue that has been processed to remove all cells, leaving behind a regenerative collagen matrix. Once the cells have been removed, the matrix is preserved via a patented freeze-drying process.


The graft is then ready for implantation to help your body begin its own tissue regeneration process. Soon after placement, blood starts to flow into the AlloDerm graft from the patient’s natural tissue and over time, the AlloDerm enables the patient to re-grow healthy gums and reverse the medical and cosmetic negatives.

There are minimal side-effects to this simple procedure with some initial swelling and possible mild bruising after the AlloDerm graft has been fitted, similar to that of any other minor cosmetic procedure.


During this simple and fast healing process, gums appear natural and there is no sign of the AlloDerm graft, just your own restored and healthy gum tissue. Consider this a quick fix treatment that lasts a lifetime and a procedure with nominal downtime unlike other invasive dental surgery


Although this is the first time that AlloDerm has been used for the treatment of damaged gums, different regeneration matrices of the product have been widely used in plastic and reconstructive surgery for several years. Among these other medical applications, AlloDerm is often used for difficult hernia and abdominal procedures, breast reconstruction and the treatment and repair of burns. Since its conception in 1994, there have been more than 900,000 AlloDerm grafts used* proving its success

Like all other grafting techniques, all donor tissue undergoes the same stringent screening criteria as any other implantable tissue or organ donation and meets the necessary rigorous standards set by the government.


This rare and sought after service is fast, effective and inexpensive with treatment starting from £450 and results that last a lifetime.

For more information, visit www.drsimondarfoor.com.


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