New drive to get London smiling

Smile for London is a new initiative aiming t deliver creative content to London Underground commuters.

It starts today (Monday) with film, art and animation on digital platform screens across key transport locations on weekday mornings and evenings during the rush hour commute.

Oddly enough, it coincides with Blue Monday, believed by psychologists to be the most miserable day of the year, triggered by bad weather, money worries and failed resolutions.

Aardman Animation, Light Surgeons and Jon Burgerman are among the companies that have been invited to produce works to run alongside a call for submissions to create ‘uplifting and inspiring’ silent films lasting 20 seconds.

The Smile for London campaign, developed by creative team Meme Partnership and supported by CBS Outdoor UK, Vimeo and the Museum of London, plans to promote young talent as well as introduce diverse forms of creativity to people.

Jo Kotas and Alex Stevens, co-founders of the Smile for London project, says: ‘We want to celebrate the creative talents of our city and at the same time lift the spirits of London’s commuters. Our ambition is for the project to gain real momentum and become a permanent London fixture.’

The Smile for London campaign will run from the 17-28 January 2011 on weekday mornings and evenings during the rush hour commute. A daily schedule of stations, platforms and artists is available at

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