UK women care more about their hair than their teeth

An astonishing 18% of women in the UK do not go to the dentist, new research has revealed today.

Yet ironically, 33% deem a good smile and teeth an absolute must when looking for love!

The research commissioned by Periproducts – – the oral health care company, shows that when women are trying to make themselves feel good, looking after their teeth is not a priority.

The poll of 3,000 females across the UK also revealed that most women (44%) feel attractive if they’re having a good hair day compared to just 16% who felt pleased with their appearance if they had good teeth.

And the amount of money women admitted to spending on going to the hairdresser and buying hair products every month, shows that females across the country have certainly put the recession behind them.

Even though women look for men with good sparkling whites, a measly £5 per month is spent looking after their own oral health care!

A huge 42% of females admitted to spending £101-£500 every month visiting the hairdresser and an additional 40% would spend £10 on hair care products on top of salon costs.

What’s more, 24% of women said they also spent £25 on skincare each month – that’s not even taking into account the shoes and handbags purchased every payday!

Kate Middleton and Cheryl Cole came top of the list of celebrities who have good teeth, with most women saying they wish they had her smile.

Amy Winehouse was voted as having the worst smile in ‘celeb-ville’ with Katie Price getting 17% of the vote, just slightly behind Winehouse! Women living in Northern Ireland are clear winners when it comes to the amount of time and money they devote to grooming.

Over half of females (55%) living in Northern Ireland spend £101-£500 every month at the hairdressers and £100 a month at the beauty salon, whilst 15% admitted to having 5-10 products at home for oral health care.

Northern Irish women may also need to teach northern females a thing or two when it comes to having a winning smile – 22% of women in Scotland and the North East admitted to never going to the dentist (the highest across the UK) and 63% living in East Anglia spend under £5 a month on oral health care products admitting to having just one product in their cupboards at home.

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