Treatment couches and infection control

The drive for improved hygiene in healthcare settings as a means of combating HCAIs, has generated a wealth of professional protocols and guidelines for the cleaning and disinfection of reusable medical devices.

This has prompted Suffolk manufacturer, Plinth 2000, to offer guidance for the proper care and maintenance of its surgical and treatment couches, which are designed to meet Medical Device Directive MDD 93/42/EEC, covering apparatus used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

In line with current infection control guidelines, all Plinth 2000 couch coverings are vinyl, washable, stain resistant and capable of withstanding disinfection with a chlorine-based product.

Most of its standard upholstery grades incorporate a patented antibacterial additive, which provides long-lasting effectiveness against MRSA, C.Diff, E.coli and other harmful bacteria and is also resistant to mould and odours.

Plinth 2000 recommends cleaning with a dilute disinfection solution, using proprietary products such as Haz-Tabs and Presept tablets, and the same solution can be used on the powder-coated steel frame, simplifying decontamination procedures.

One area of particular risk of cross-contamination is upholstery damage, through cuts, tears or poor cleaning technique, and Plinth 2000 recommends regular inspection and servicing, with the option of replacing damaged vinyl as soon as any problem occurs.

To this end, the company has designed its couch upholstery for ease and speed of replacement, by means of four concealed bolts on each section, and its service contract provides for inspection and rectifying of damaged upholstery and other infection control issues, with visits either annually or every six months.

It also offers the option of upgrading older models to antibacterial upholstery, at prices from around £65 per section,thereby extending product life in accordance with the Quality & Outcomes Framework (QOF).

Further enquiries to Plinth 2000, Wetheringsett Manor, Wetheringsett, Stowmarket IP14 5PP, tel 01449 767 887, email [email protected] or visit

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