The Colgate essentials for Oral Health Month

September sees the launch of the 2010 Colgate Oral Health Month and this year the theme is ‘Discover three essentials for an even healthier mouth’.

The advice to the public is:
• Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and replace your toothbrush regularly
• Avoid sugary snacks between meals
• Visit the dentist regularly.

The launch – at this year’s British Dental Conference – included presentations from Dr Tony Jenner and Dr Gill Davies.

Dr Jenner, a specialist in dental public health and the immediate past deputy chief dental officer for England, shared the conception of the guidance document ‘Delivering Better Oral Health – An evidence-based toolkit for prevention[1]’.

He said: ‘Successful adult dental health surveys show the population of adults in England with no teeth has reduced dramatically. This is a very encouraging picture but the longevity of the dentition does however give its own problems. As we keep our teeth for longer, root caries also has the potential to become a serious problem that is difficult to treat. The 1998 National Dental Health Survey shows 66% of adults had root surfaces that were exposed, worn, filled or decayed.

‘The same survey shows periodontal disease being an increasing problem with the aging population.’

Dr Gill Davies, also a specialist in dental public health, then presented how the evidence in the toolkit can be put into practice.

She added: ‘I am delighted that Colgate has asked me to give particular focus on prevention for adults. Since the launch of the toolkit we have tended to focus on child prevention, leaving out prevention messages for gum disease and older adults. Adults who visit the dentist have an obvious opportunity to come into contact with a credible source giving appropriate advice. In fact, patients turn up and they expect to be advised by their clinician on what they should be doing to look after their own teeth. It’s about maximising the effects of prevention and mobilising our clinical teams to make the most of this opportunity.’

Dr Davies reviewed the evidence for the preventive messages and treatment of caries in adults, as well as the prevention of periodontal disease.

‘Putting Evidence into Practice’ will form the basis of the Colgate Oral Health Month 2010 CPD programme. This verifiable CPD Programme is available to all dental professionals. To participate, visit from 1 September 2010 and download this interactive programme.     

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Please note that one pack per practice will be delivered at the end of August, subject to availability.

1. Delivering Better Oral Health-An Evidence Based Toolkit (2nd edition), Department of Health, July 2009. 

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