Sound bites: a hearing aid with teeth

A novel hearing aid that transmit sound via the teeth has been developed in the US.
The non-surgical, and removable hearing solution has been designed to transmits sound via the teeth to help people with single sided deafness.

The Soundbite hearing system is a ‘nearly invisible’ digital audio device and relies on a principle called bone conduction that can deliver clear, high quality sound.

It consists of a small microphone unit worn behind the ear and an easy-to-insert-and-remove dental retainer-like device which requires no modification to the teeth.

The hearing system, developed by US company Sonitus Medical Inc, is currently for investigational use only but clinical trials are planned.

A spokesman for the company said: ‘We currently have a clinical trial underway for an intended first indication of single-sided deafness with an intended first approval from the (US) FDA in mid 2010. The trial is only happening in the San Francisco Bay area and is now fully enrolled.’
Sonitus Medical Inc. is also planning to address the needs of patients with conductive or mixed hearing loss, too.

To learn more about Sonitus Medical and the SoundBite hearing system, visit

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