Online eGDC account clicks with dental teams

Professionals have five top reasons to log on to eGDC ( says the General Dental Council on the first anniversary of the site’s launch.

Professionals who create an eGDC account are able to:

1. Save time – no more paper form filling and let the website do the maths when adding up
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours
2. Save paper – fill in CPD hours, update their registered address or complete a direct debit instruction online
3. Access things they need – for instance, their Annual Practising Certificate information
4. Save money – no more postage costs for professionals and help the GDC cut admin costs so the annual retention fee (ARF) doesn’t rise
5. Keep up to date whenever they want – have control over many of their registration responsibilities 24/7

Since the site was launched in November 2008, the number of users of has soared.

Statistics published yesterday (Monday 14 December) show:
• The total number of dental professionals now registered to use the site stands at 25,378 (4,626 dentists, 15,045 dental nurses, 2,903 dental hygienists, 2,777 dental technicians, 763 dental therapists, 50 clinical dental technicians and 46 orthodontic therapists*)        
• Almost 9,000 dental care professionals (DCPs) successfully used the site to send the GDC their annual CPD declaration this summer; and
• More than 6,500 DCPs used eGDC this year to pay their ARF – that’s 12% of the almost 53,500 who paid. That compares with a little over 1,400 – or 3.5% – of 40,500 dentists and DCPs who paid their ARF on eGDC in December 2008.  

Anne Gerulat, processing manager at the GDC, said: ‘It’s great news that so many have created eGDC accounts on In its first year it’s really taken off. We’ve worked hard to make it user friendly and are looking to make improvements to the site all the time.

‘Most of you will be used to doing your banking, paying bills and handling other things online these days. So why not create an eGDC account? For those dental professionals looking to use it for submitting your CPD hours, eGDC will show all of your CPD hours, even if that information has previously been submitted on a paper form. This makes moving over to the online facility to continue with your declarations during their five-year cycle as stress free as possible. ”

In January 2010, the UK’s 36,900 dentists will also be able to use eGDC to submit their annual CPD declarations online for the first time.

Here’s how registrants can create an eGDC account

1.  Step one Click on ‘I want to request my password for my first log in’ in the New Users section at the bottom of the log in page.

Enter your surname, registration number, ID verification code and an email address. Click the ‘Submit’ button. You will receive an email with your initial password shortly after.

Every registrant has their own ID verification code – you’ll need it to create your eGDC account (it will be on annual retention fee notices and continuing professional development letters sent to you). If you haven’t received it or have misplaced it, you can request it by clicking on ‘Request ID verification Code’ and following the details on the screen.

2. Step two Once you’ve received your password email, use the link in the email to log back on to the eGDC website and enter the details it asks for.

On the next screen you will need to provide answers for 5 security questions. You will be asked a different question from this group of 5 each time you log in.

You will also need to create a new password for your account.

Once you’ve done this you’re up and running and ready to enjoy use of the eGDC site.
If you have any problems logging on please contact the customer advice and information team on 0845 222 4141 or email [email protected]


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